Change weapon requirement for 5 stars kingdom

Currently a lot of kingdoms don’t have low-rarity weapons and can’t be easily leveled-up to at least 5 stars by mid-level players.

While I understand a certain amount of grind is necessary in this game, I think the difficulty of leveling up a kingdom should be the same across the board.If the devs want to reduce that difference, they’ll have to release a whole bunch of useless white/green weapons for half the kingdoms : this could take a while and it would be dead content.

I think it would be a lot better for everyone if the requirement for 5 stars would be changed to “Upgrade a Kingdom weapon to level 5 or more”. It would still be harder to level kingdoms that only have high rarity weapons but at least the number of ingots would be significantly reduced.

I personally prefer the idea someone else had, of making lower levels of all weapons cost lower-rarity ingots.

So commons cost 15 common ingots, but for legendary or mythic weapons the progression might look like

Level 1: 1 common ingot
Levels 2 & 3: 2 & 3 rare ingots
Levels 4 & 5: 4 & 5 ultra-rare ingots
Levels 6 & 7: 6 & 7 epic ingots
Levels 8 & 9: 8 & 9 legendary ingots
(Level 10: 10 mythic ingots)


Your idea is very good, so good in fact that I wish it was the way this ingots/weapon upgrade system is implemented as it was released.

Too bad it’s not, and the chance of changing from current system to yours is very low, as it would create un uproar for those who already upgrade a lot of weapons, and some complicated refund would required.

For the OP’s idea, that might work. But still, getting Epic/Legendary/Mythic weapons to +5 are still very hard, without repeated lucky drops or special prize from events. I think moving weapons upgrade requirement to higher star level would work as well.

It only take an hour or two to fully upgrade Common weapon, a few hours to a day for Rare, and few days or a week for Ultra-Rare. But for new players who is trying to level up all kingdoms past 5 star, it’s quite a long time to grind.


I’d even redistribute this a little to put common ingots to more use, providing all weapons with the same upgrade path:

Level 1: 1 common ingot
Level 2: 2 common ingots
Level 3: 3 common ingots
Level 4: 4 common ingots
Level 5: 5 common ingots
Level 6: 6 rare ingots
Level 7: 7 ultra-rare ingots
Level 8: 8 epic ingots
Level 9: 9 legendary ingots
Level 10: 10 mythic ingots

Common weapons are currently capped at 5, rare weapons at level 6, ultra-rare weapons at level 7, epic weapons at level 8, legendary weapons at level 9, mythic weapons at level 10. Going with this setup always requires ingots of the weapons rarity and lower, none of higher rarity.


Eh, I chose that set of ingots because it sits partway between the current system and what you proposed. And while it’s more complicated, we can have a system that never asks for higher-rarity ingots than the weapon rarity.

Levels 1-5: 1-5 common ingots

Levels 1-4: 1-4 common ingots
Levels 5 & 6: 5 & 6 rare ingots

Levels 1-3: 1-3 common ingots
Levels 4 & 5: 4 & 5 rare ingots
Levels 6 & 7: 6 and 7 ultra-rare ingots

Levels 1 & 2: 1 & 2 common ingots
Levels 3 & 4: 3 & 4 rare ingots
Levels 5 & 6: 5 & 6 ultra-rare ingots
Levels 7 & 8: 7 & 8 epic ingots

As above

This keeps most of the cost of the current system, so it seems more likely to be implemented. (Admittedly, two times zero is still zero…)

I think they will be releasing more common and rare weapons… soon.

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Thanks for the feedback. While I like @Grundulum idea as well, I think @TimeKnight is right that it would create a lot of negative feedback from people that already upgraded weapons under the current system.

I think the main way to get a feature request approved and developped is to keep it reasonnable. Asking for a rework of the whole system is unlikely to happen and will just create frustrations.

About @TimeKnight feedback that it’s still very hard, it’s true but it’s better than what we have today anyway. Also ingots of all rarities are obtained through PVP reward and people can buy (more than) 15 legendary ingots in Raid/Invasion shop so they could go that way too.

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It’s here :wink: :

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And we’ll even see them half a year ahead thanks to data mining. :worried:

Problem is that the cost of the current system just doesn’t work out. The total number of ingots required keeps rising about twice as fast as the total number of ingots obtainable, even after buying out the shop. That would be okay if weapon upgrades were considered a special commodity you should only be able to afford once in a very long while. Going by the “4 fully upgraded weapons for each kingdom” requirement looming on the horizon that’s definitely not the case, we are somehow supposed to get every weapon completed, soon.