More common weapons please

We need more common weapons, otherwise leveling Kingdoms will be a pain in the…


+1000 to this

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I think they should also add weapons as rewards for completing all quests and another for completing all challenges. It’s unrealistic to expect newish player to be able to purchase the Raid/Invasion tiers that grants weapons every week just to unlock a new star in a kingdom BEFORE they level up so much until they can get the needed weapons with mana mastery.
Just my two cents.

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Six Months Later

Thread: “Why are there so many common weapons?”

There are too many common weapons! I have 25 weapons, all common, all garbage!!! Why don’t you release cool weapons like Dawnbringer? I propose I should be able to trade in 50 gold and get a Mythic weapon.

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I agree with this.

I often come at things from a design perspective. So now that the weapons are Kingdom based, please design more low and mid level ones for players that make sense thematically.

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Considering that kingdom stars now go up to 20 across the board, I think it’s safe to say the devs expect to be releasing a LOT of new weapons. I’d be willing to bet more commons are on the way. That point should’ve been in my previous post.

But I still believe every time we get those new common weapons, players are going to make entire threads about how “the only use for this stupid junk is an ingot sink”.

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And wouldn’t this be a flaw on the dev’s part? I can’t see how this is our fault as players when the path laid to us is full of bad design choices… They tried to make weapons better aiming for some diversity of strategies i guess, but Dawnbringer and some other few weapons are, still, much better even if they are never upgraded.

I don’t know. The feature’s not old enough for anyone to have really done anything with it. This is kind of my commentary on the players. They don’t know what they want, but they sure do demand a lot. And when you give them something they ask for, they just move to the next thing. Honestly, the best thing to do is often leave the game alone.

I agree that not everyone know what they want, as in they don’t have a clue of what is the real issue they try to address most of the time, but it’s natural that after something is changed people will then move into the next thing that wasn’t addressed before despite previous complaints and issues.

Honestly i would think you, out of everyone, would understand it better given your crusade to remove dawnbringer from arena…

By your own words i guess the devs shouldn’t have touched Arena, despite the clear inbalance caused by Dawnbringer. I think you should make up your mind, but then again, we agree that players often don’t know what they want… :wink:


I laid out a very clear plan for Dawnbringer and stomped my foot. I didn’t get precisely what I wanted, but what I got was close enough I put the campaign down.

I was gearing up to call for changes to Soulforge, but right when I started gaining momentum I found out those changes had already been made, so I put down the torch again.

I don’t currently have a pet game issue that I’m campaigning to change. I don’t like to raise a fuss unless I think I have these components:

  • A clear, easy-to-understand reason why at least one group of players is being hurt by the current state.
  • A clear, easy-to-understand solution that reduces that hurt without dramatically burdening other players.

There has to be a valid grievance, and the solution has to represent less harm than the good it brings. One thing of note: every change makes someone upset. So even if someone complains about a change, it’s still good if the complaint is invalid.

“Not changing” the game means you stick with the problems you know, and the people who don’t like it move elsewhere. Presumably, the people that remain are happy with the game. I didn’t say it’a an optimal state, but it’s stable.

In this case, we can agree:

  • A lack of common weapons means all players are required to spend an awful lot of resources on things that didn’t cost quite so much before.
  • Introducing new, common weapons would alleviate this, and even if the weapons are garbage everyone will benefit. The only downside is “more image assets to download”.

So we have a clear problem that hurts players, and a solution that doesn’t really hurt anyone. I’m merely making the prophecy that there will be complaints, because players complain about everything, and because I’d like to reference this prophecy when it happens as a mockery of the people who get upset.

Yeah guess more common weapons wouldn’t hurt even if you don’t need them.
Honestly gameplay-wise it barely makes a difference whether you use a common or a legendary or even mythic class weapons if you compare it to what sits on top of it all on its throne.

So yay for more common weapons, but also for changes to old legendary and class weapons to actually make me WANT to upgrade them and not feel like every Ingot not going into Dawnbringer is a huge waste.

That’s how feedback works, sometimes you get useless complains as well, but if the devs plans were good they would avoid some trouble. We wouldn’t need more easy-to-obtain/useless weapons to address a problem (created now) while generating a future “problem” in the first place…

To me it seems their plan of reworking the kingdoms in this fashion is all about preventing fast player’s progress in the long term and controlling the economy without nerfing tributes directly… :man_shrugging:

We don’t really need more common weapons. The weapon bottlenecks should just be later in kingdom progression. It makes no sense to have it at seven star. A more appropriate seven star task might have been “upgrade a weapon from the kingdom to +5” or something of that nature. Higher rarity weapons would take longer to upgrade, but not an order of magnitude longer. Theres plenty of future stars to add big weapon upgrade bottlenecks to.

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