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Converting Ingots

I have almost 500 common ingots after upgrading all my common weapons, is there any reason not to convert them to rare and then the same after rares are done?

Not that I have seen. unless you are hurting for souls.

That’s what I figured, I just crafted dawnbringer so I am a bit low right now, but I’ll be back up in a week or so.

I’ve currently got all C and R fully upgraded and about half the UR done. My plan is to keep converting ingots to UR until all those are fully upgraded and then I think I’ll always continue to upgrade everything to Epic in the future but never any further than epic.

I will only ever upgrade an epic weapon if required for kingdom power.


My plan is to save everything until I need them to advance kingdom power by a weapon bottleneck and use the bare minimum of converts. Otherwise, use them on something that could have a tangible impact without ruining the weapon and I actually have enough ingots to use - which is basically none of them above common rarity at this point. Not converting ingots and not upgrading weapons is simply less effort and gives you more options later if more weapons get added (plus, if they are keeping metrics on it, it shows that less people are engaging with the system).


Same here, i don’t see any reason to upgrade any weapon until i need to do it for kingdom power. Right now i am only using my mythic ingot to upgrade dawnbringer


That’s exactly what I am doing as well…

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I like the thought of having all C, R and UR fully upgraded. Just because I can lol. It’s an achievable goal unlike Epic and higher weapons which is an impossibility to ever hope to upgrade all those.


I’m refusing to upgrade any weapon until I see what weapons look like after the current spoilers end. My suspicion is they’ll make better weapons and anyone with +8 whatevers are going to be sad.

But: I know it’s feasible to get enough to upgrade all the commons? What’s that magic number again?

I only upgrade 2 of the weapons from kingdoms that’s still 7-star or lower. Once I’m done, I’ll save up for new kingdom or when some kingdoms can go over 10-star. (which might take more than a year)

Some kingdoms are easiers than other, with Rare/Ultra-Rare combo, some are harder with Ultra-Rare/Epic, and some might take a long while like Bright Forest/Dragon’s Claw, which require Epic/Legendary/Mythic only.

I also want to upgrade Dawnbringer to +5, and then stop. No point in ruining the weapon with unreliable affixes.

There are only 8 common weapons currently, so I think the magic number you’re looking for is 120?

In any case, I’m following a strategy part way between @Fleg and @mithran: I figure common and rare ingots are easy enough to come by that I’ve fully upgraded all common weapons and converting common ingots until I fully upgrade all rare weapons. New common and rare weapons are not going to be released so fast that I won’t soon have a surplus of common and rare ingots.

Then ultra-rares and epics, I’ll target subject to Kingdom requirements. Legendaries and mythics are going to be limited just to weapons I actually use to grind Hero XP.