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Let me convert my teasure troops into higher treasure troops like ingots

I have 3,422 Common Ingots. I can convert all of those into 342 Rare Ingots. I also have 638 Rare Ingots, so I could take all those plus the new ones and make 98 Ultra-Rare Ingots, which I have 547 of, so I could convert all that into 64 Epic Ingots, which I have 904 of, so I could get 96 Legendary Ingots, which I have 3923 of, so I could make 401 Mythic Ingots (but I have 2168 of those, so no need).

In short, 3422 Common Ingots would give me 3 Epic Ingots, far short of the 10 I’d need for just 1 Legendary. But that’s not the point. The point is, I can do it. So why can’t I do it for all this useless Delve treasure?

Look at that. Do you really think anyone is going to use those to level up their delves once they’re this high? The answer is…


Nope, still no. Using 5 King’s Crown would only get me two hoard levels which would give me +1 Life and +1 Armor. I would GLADLY exchange my 400 King’s Crown and however many souls (for ingots it’s 100 souls per 1 crafted Ingot) to make 40 Genie’s Lamp. Using the same Ingot soul rate, it would cost me 4000 souls. And you know what, I might even turn some of those 40 Genie’s Lamp into some Sacred Treasure too!

10 Genie’s Lamp is 2500 XP and it would turn into 500 XP, so you’d lose a ton of potential XP, but it would cost less to upgrade.

So… just think about it. Useless resources aren’t fun!


Get this guy a corner office.


For the exact same reason why you can’t covert Orbs of Growth into Orbs of Anything.

They’re a critical cornerstone of the modern GoW economy, and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, if ever.

Partially quoting myself from last week on a similar post:

Simply put, if a player could trade up treasures, even at atrociously bad rates, then eventually players will be able to realistically raise a Hoard high enough to clear PF 500 without Tuesday/New Faction Event Potions and/or buying out substitute 3k gem cosmetic pet days.

And that’s not happening anytime soon, if ever. And if that day ever comes, there will be a replacement game mode that has the exact same issues already implemented in the game as the next major player nigh-unscalable roadblock at Power 20+.

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So you’re telling me there’s a chance…


Whether it takes Gold, Souls, Treasure Maps, Growth Orbs, or a combination of all four: Even if sacks of coins and gold-plated rings could be forged into higher treasures, it would still take a substantial amount of gold and treasures to make Pure Faction runs feasible for the average player.

Gold that most players would rather put into guild tasks. I like the idea of finding uses for useless items.

If the goal of a game is to have fun, then find ways to make it fun. If the goal is to accumulate hoards of trash, mission accomplished.

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Again, I just want them to not have these stupid freaking things be “troops” seeing as they’re obviously currency.


This will never happen since the primary purpose of hoards is to be a gold sink.

My suggestion instead: faction portals stop dropping troops if all faction troops are at mythic with four copies just like guild guardians.

Ideally, this would be on a faction by faction basis, but I would take it being across all current factions, too, since that’s still an improvement.

This gives us more treasure troops of higher rarity so it reduces gold cost but it would have far less of an immediate impact.

Not necessarily. If the exchange rate is bad enough, you could only do this a few times, possibly once or even less than once. People only have thousands of low rarity treasures because they haven’t been using them over the 19 months they’ve been acquiring them.

Fun fact, when these were added, there was no flag to prevent sacred treasure from being dropped by random mythic purchases or legendary tasks. Fortunately, the devs would give a real mythic to anyone who submitted a ticket, but, oh, boy, I would have been pissed.


At some point there won’t be any new factions and people will eventually have a hoard of chaos shards.

What I suspect will happen over time is people will progressively only spend higher and higher treasures. Most people skip the bottom two treasure levels. Higher end players are probably already starting to skip the bottom three levels.

Keep in mind I’m one of the few that’s finished all delves with faction teams, so I’m not representative of most people. So, I might be totally wrong about this.

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Nobody has the resources to level up mythic weapons by crafting mythic ingots purely from common ingots… nobody will have the resources to make mythic treasures and easily hoard purely from gold bags or gold rings. It looks like ignitice has been saving those since the beginning of underworld and if the scaled up like ingots, he would get 5-6 sacred treasure. That isn’t even 10 hoard levels at the current state.