Epic ingots too hard to get?


Seems that they are. Common, Rare and Ultra-Rare ingots come in PvP battles fairly often, Epics - seldom. While Legendaries and Mythics can be obtained through delves. And remember that 1 Epic Ingot = 1000 Common ingots. How should I farm these Epics? Through 800-900 ranked PvP fights?


I share the same feeling.


I wish we could also use the Soulforge to downgrade ingots. 1 higher rarity for 5 of the next lower, or some similar exchange ratio.


delves gives tons of legendary and mythic ingots


That’s why offered $25 epic ingots pack. I think it not a bad deal for tons of ingots.


I think they’re kind of falling by the wayside because AFAIK they aren’t important for kindgom power.


I disagree and the drop rates seem fair to me. After traiting every common, rare and ultra-rare weapon, then forging the leftovers to epic, here is what I have:

Note I have not upgraded any Epic weapons nor did I forge any Legendaries or Mythic ingots.


And mine look like this after upgrading only a single epic weapon, and only commons or rares otherwise.

Thats 3 + 5.5 + 29.5 more epic ingots for forging up every single other one (which I’m not even done with yet), 36 that I spent, bringing my grand total to 136 Epic Ingots or equivalent found, ever, compared to 223 Legendary, a disparity which will widen immensely over time due to delve loot.

But also consider you only need about 1600 epic ingots total to finish upgrading all epic weapons with not too many more likely to be added while you need over 4400 legendary ingots with 2 weapons coming in at this rarity every 3 weeks, another per faction so another one per month, each of them taking 45 ingots. PvP drops and chest drops heavily favor lower rarity stuff that you are more likely to be “done” with. Fully upgrading every epic weapon may be a bigger bottleneck long term now, but all those common through ultra-rare ingots should to go somewhere, and the path from common through ultra-rare to epic is ten times less ludicrous than the path from common through ultra-rare to epic.

On this, I think everything would balance out nicely if they just upped the minimum rarity of the random ingots you can get from Renown from common to Rare, or maybe even Ultra-Rare or so so that everything is nice and rounded. Or, you know, leave the imbalance where it is so they can sell Weapon Upgrade packs.


The main income of Epic ingots are from gem keys. New players would gain them in reasonable rate by opening them more often aiming for new troops, but for End-gamers, we would only open them in Exclusive Mythic week, so our income of them is very compact.

For usual way of farming in PvP/Arena, I agree it’s hard to farm. I used to do that to upgrade all weapons from kingdoms under 7 stars, and it would take an hour to get one of them by forging. Natural drop could take a few hours.


Scale back delve rewards. Change legendary ingot drops to epics, and change mythic drops to legendary.

I literally don’t need this many mythic ingots in the current state of weapons.