Kingdoms needing new weapons at lower rarities (3.5)


I know that most players don’t have all the old weapons, but assuming there will be some way of collecting old weapons Soon™, this analysis considers which Kingdoms most need new weapons at lower rarities, or alternatively, which Kingdoms will be most difficult to upgrade Kingdom Stars for.

Kingdoms with less than 2 weapons at Epic or lower rarity (i.e. must upgrade at least one Legendary weapon to get to 8 stars):
Bright Forest
Forest of Thorns
Pan’s Vale
Sin of Miraj
Sword’s Edge

Kingdoms with no weapons at Ultra-Rare or lower (i.e. must upgrade an Epic to get to 5 stars):
Bright Forest
Drifting Sands
Glacial Peaks
Pan’s Vale
Sin of Miraj

Kingdoms on both lists could be argued to have the greatest need for a new low rarity weapon: Bright Forest, Ghulvania, Khaziel, and Pan’s Vale. And now Sin of Miraj.

I’m happy to do other cuts of the weapons data if people are interested.

This seems insanely unfair

21 days ago:


I’m aware of that thread but I’m not suggesting the new weapons have to be common. I’m just saying it would be reasonable to have at least 1 weapon below Epic and a second weapon below Legendary for most, if not all Kingdoms.


Sorry, i didn’t meant it like you should be aware of the thread or anything.
It’s more about keeping a personnal track of topics/posts i made that i think have a good relevance.

I just had considered this problem with the new kingdoms when i saw some of the requirements for the stars and thought it would be a good idea to put some low rarity weapons as rewards for quests and challenges. It gives the players a feeling of accomplishment to gain something they can already use and test, more so when they realize these rewards are also relevant to their progression.


Useful thread

Also useful feedback to devs @Saltypatra

I’m hoping that there’s a structured plan to even up the distribution of weapons to kingdoms - given that the allocation was an exercise after three years of weapons without it


The overall distribution of weapons to Kingdoms is very even - all have 5 or 6 weapons (even Dhrak-Zum!).

However, there aren’t enough low rarity weapons to go around - only 39 Ultra-Rare or below.


Well yeah, I meant even by rarity too…


This is something we feel strongly about, so are making sure that in the future our kingdoms have an even distribution of weapons.


And ways to obtain them all in game. This is important. Don’t forget this part.


Updated for Sin of Miraj - hopefully the devs come up with some way to get this Kingdom caught up with all the other Kingdoms on 5 or 6 weapons, and that at least one of the new weapons is below Epic.