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Kingdom starring

Ok, I have all kingdoms leveled to 10. Now I am working on 5 starring the kingdoms.
The consensus is when leveling kingdoms to get them all to 5 or 6, then get them to 10 one at a time magic first, then attack…
My question is should I do the same with starring? Get them all to 3 star then work one by one, or just simply pick a kindoms and go with it?

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My strategy is to get all 3 stars first. At 3 stars, you get double tribute chance. I almost have all my kingdoms with 3 stars, the tribute resources are much better now.


It a little different on console due to the limited troop selection available in each Kingdom.

  1. Try to 3 star all (or as many as you can)
  2. 5 Star any Kingdom with 9+ Troops
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Great, thanks, that is what I will do. I have 3 at 5 star, but takes alot of resources to do so. Maybe having all at 3 will give me more resources and make it a touch easier.

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Yeah since console is really hurting for the troops to allow 5 starring most kingdoms, I’d just go for 3 right now and that’ll save you quite a bit of resources.

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@HKdirewolf You really have to decide what damn avatar you are going to use. Pic is always changing.

My strategy for going from one to three stars was to hoard and only commit when I was sure I had enough resources to cross the line. With new troops coming out every week, a one kingdom becomes easier to get stars in every time this happens. The entire process became very easy when I would go for kingdoms as the 9th or 10th troop was added, and nearly completely trivial beyond that, requiring only to farm some souls for a few hours. In the process, I could occasionally spend spare resources to do a second or third kingdom to three-star in the same week, if I was ahead of schedule. I’m now using a similar strategy for 5 starring one by one, because any five star I don’t currently have requires a fairly hefty traitstone expenditure to get there, while new two new troops being added in give points to get me five stars basically for free in exchange for souls that are now useless otherwise.

Collecting income regularly with full three stars awards a massive amount of extra resources, which gives much more of an advantage of than the few measly skill points had you focused down five stars first.

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Good friends are so very hard to find.


Given that some of the Kingdoms have more troops than others, I think most people go from 3 to 5 stars based on which kingdoms have the most troops.

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1 to 3 stars based mostly on troops. For three to five star, skipping ahead for magic/attack for five star can be beneficial, but only if you know you have the resources to get there before committing them. Still not worth it to try to grind straight from one to five star early just for the skill point, IMO.

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Great. Thank you all. Certainly seems to be the consensus.

First get all kingdoms to 1 star, that’s double tribute loot. Then get all 8 or 9 troop kingdoms to 3 star which is double tribute chance.
5 stars takes 9 troops at level 20 with 14 traits.


complete nonsense imo the way forward is choose a kingdom for your main and put everything into it then piss around upping stars on kingdoms you don’t use by upgrading troops you don’t use my broken spire level 10 and 5 stars from before gobchomper dropped