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All kingdoms to lvl 10, next steps?

I almost get all lvl 10 kingdoms, which are the recommended next steps?


For most people, I think that would signal a shift in two things:

  1. You’ll start donating a lot more gold to guild tasks, since the 1-time investment in Kingdoms will be done. Depending on your guild situation, this might mean that the guild that invested in you is now going to start reaping the rewards of that, or if you were in a low-requirement guild, it might be that you’ll be more attractive to a more competitive guild if you choose to shop around.
  2. You’ll probably want to start focusing on levelling and traiting your troops in order to build up your kingdom power levels. You get worthwhile bonuses to tribute when you reach 1 gold and 3 gold stars, and a further 1 point stat bonus (just like getting the kingdom to level 10) when you reach 5 stars.

For me, the progression was something like:

  • finished levelling all kingdoms,
  • got as many kingdoms to 5 stars as possible (took a couple months),
  • finished levelling all troops (took another couple months),
  • finished traiting all troops (took 8 more months).

Have you developed all hero classes (and gained class weapons)? Do you have exclusive weapons such as Dawnbringer? Mythic troops? Usual troops ascended to mythic?

Sorry but I lost myself at “got as many kingdoms to 5 stars as possible”.

I just mean that I forged enough traits and levelled up enough troops that, for every kingdom that 5 stars was possible, I did it. With new kingdoms or kingdoms where I didn’t have all the troops, I could be stuck at 4 stars until new troops were released, or I managed to snag a missing Legendary or Mythic.

If you’re not sure how the Kingdom power system works, open up a kingdom screen on the map and look at the “Kingdom Power” box. Every new troop that you acquire gains you 50 points, every level on those troops gives you 10 points and every trait that you forge gives you 25 points. After you reach 10 troops, 200 levels and 30 traits, you only get 20% of those amounts on every subsequent troop, level or trait. The more troops you have, the easier it is to gain power points and levels. As you gain more Power Stars, you get bonuses to tribute amount, percentage and daily gold income.

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The levels you spend gold on are just the first step. Now you are in the “post-gold” economy. Congratulations, the only thing you should use gold for now is guild tasks.

Now your new important currency is souls.

Every kingdom has, in addition to levels, a “power level” represented by stars. You gain points towards these levels by:

  • Acquiring troops.
  • Leveling troops.
  • Traiting troops.

Odd-numbered stars tend to do relevant things. 5 stars is very relevant because it adds another +1 to that kingdom’s stat bonus. Technically you can get +2 for 10 stars, but since the points you get are based on troops, not all kingdoms have enough troops for more than 8 stars to be possible. Yet.

Another goal on the board: you need Dawnbringer because griefing newbies in Arena is a noble task, and something good will happen if 80% of players use Forest Troll / Nyx / Dawnbringer / Queen Mab on PvP defense. It costs 1,300,000 souls to assemble the pieces for and craft Dawnbringer.

So pick one of those and go for it. My recommendation is to do the 5-stars on all kingdoms goal first. Stats help all of your troops, Dawnbringer only helps break the game for other players. You’re going to need a good soul-farming team.

While you’re up to that, you’ll be collecting diamonds/traitstones and filling out a lot of things. By the time you finish those 2 goals, congratulations and welcome to the post-souls economy. At that point, the only currency that matters anymore is “whatever troops you’re missing” and “whichever set of bugs irks you the most”.


Try to get the magic kingdoms to double bonus first if possible. Magic score means everyone works better. Just the same as when you started levelling kingdoms.


This is good advice. My experience is SIlverglade’s the only Magic kingdom you might have trouble with. I didn’t have Queen Aurora so it took a lot more leveling/traiting than the other kingdoms.

My pattern went like this:

  • Farm up 40k souls.
  • Pick a kingdom.
  • Level everything to 10, and get any traits that use only minor/major traitstones.
  • If less than 30k souls, farm up 40k souls.
  • Level everything to 15.
  • If still lacking, start spot-leveling.

I liked to keep 30k souls around, that’s enough to deal with some emergency “I need to level a troop” situations. Silverglade was a kingdom that I had to spend some time farming traitstones to 5-star. Most other kingdoms weren’t so tough, or I’d incidentally traited enough things.

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