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Leveling up kingdoms

What do you have to do to get a 5 star kingdom

you get in one kingdom

  1. troops (50 points)
  2. traits (25 points)
  3. levels (10 points)

you keep doing this on a kingdom until you get 2600 points for a kingdom.

you do have to have at least 8 troops from a kingdom

So there are only certain kingdoms that you can get 5 stars because some only have 7 characters


at this time, as you get more event troops you will unlock more. currently on pc all but 1 are fully 5 star-able. So it will get there…


Eventually all kingdoms will have at least 8 troops. Zhul’Kari has 9 now, though the Spider Swarm is glitched and doesn’t count toward the kingdom power yet.

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It sure does. Got it at 5 stars, with only 8 troops counting you would need ot fully trait and lvl 20 all of them, which I didnt.

Disregard: I’m on PC and only now saw this is PS4/XB1 sry

There are 4 kingdoms that can not gain 5 stars. Also i believe that there are either 3 kingdoms or 1 kingdom on x-box that can not gain 5 stars.

which 4 kingdoms only have 7 cards? if a kingdom had 8 it can get 5 stared. it is a pain - all mythic, all lvled to 20, all traits - but it is doable.

sorry it was 2 that arent, drifting sands and blighted lands.

Currently on console, including what was part of the last patch (from memory so pardon if I forgot something)
Adana - 7, 1 coming
Broken Spire - 8, 1 coming
Darkstone - 7
Divinion Fields - 8
Forest of Thorns - 8
Ghulvania - 8
Grosh-Nak - 7
Karakoth - 7, 1 coming
Khaziel - 8
Khetar- 8
Maugrim Woods - 8
Mist of Scales - 6, 2 coming
Pan’s Vale - 7, 1 coming
Pridelands - 8
Stormheim - 7, 1 coming
Sword’s Edge - 8
Whitehelm - 8, 1 coming
Zaejin - 8
Zhul’Kari - 9 (but 1 doesn’t count yet)

The four kingdoms that are on pc that can not reach 5 starts are, Blighted lands, drifting sands, apocalypse and primal.

Considering neither Apocalypse nor Primal is on the map, I wouldn’t count them in the equation. I’m also certain the other 2 will get at least 1 more troop sooner or later.

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That is one way to see it yes. Hopefully the x-box/ps4 get more releases. It seems like pc/app has been releasing more than one troop more often. I wonder if xbox/ps4 will do the same.

Well my list above shows you everything that’s currently on there with more to be added soon. As for a double release, hard to say since I’m not a dev. They may mirror what the PC does and release 2 troops like Naga Queen and Marilith at the same time, or they may double up other kingdoms who still have multiples, though I gather it will be more the former than the latter.

Just my guess.