Question on Upgrading Kingdoms

Hi there I’m a returning player coming back after a long hiatus and I have a few questions I hope I can get answered I didn’t find anywhere in the forums with a quick search.

I’m unlocked and completed all the “Quest” portions for all kingdoms and now I’m working on getting and spending the gold to upgrade all the kingdoms to max at that is supposed to help a lot with Gold for the rest of the time I play the game.

Question is am I better to go around and level each kingdom 1 at a time to max or level them all incrementally so I have them all at level 5 then move them all to level 6 as gold allows etc… ?


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You’ll hear some different opinions about that. Each level gives you a 1% increase in the chance of getting a tribute from that kingdom each time you log in (and for every hour that you play). Increasing your tribute amounts is a great way to earn resources passively. However, each level costs increasingly more and more gold.

I believe the sweet spot to aim for is to get all of them up to around level 4 to 6, then to start focusing on getting certain kingdoms up to level 10. Once you get most of your kingdoms up to around level 5, you’ll start to notice you get tribute from more kingdoms every time.

When you get a kingdom to level 10, that gives a +1 stat boost (depending on the kingdom) to all of your troops stats. For example, if you get Karakoth to level 10, all of your troops will gain +1 magic. You can see the related stat for each kingdom on the kingdom menu. Most people would say to focus on the Magic kingdoms first, then attack, then life, than armour. Some people would say you want to focus on certain tribute items as well. For example, Whitehelm gives the most glory, so that is a good one to max out, but I wouldn’t choose kingdoms to level up based on that, personally.


That’s great advice and verifies my own “strategy” wasn’t pointless. I’ve also discovered that if you can bring each kingdom up to one gold star it seems to help a lot. I try to get each troop to at least level 5, and throw traits at the lowest ones where possible. It adds up fast.

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My own point of view is … To move them “all” or at least most of them to level 4-or-so.
… Doing that isn’t as tense on resources and increases your gem income (if you collect the tribute, you get gems equal to all kingdoms that sent tribute minus one - so if 5 kingdoms sent tribute, you get 4 gems; you can collect tribute every hour, starting from time you picked up the goodies).

The gold requirements increase by every level investment, so increasing kingdoms all together by 1 - postpones all your stats by a huge lot. That isn’t beneficial by any means.
… So from there - focusing on kingdoms 1 by 1 and leveling them to level 10 straight - is what you want to do.

Magic is considered best, because 1 magic = +1 damage per target per cast.
Attack is considered 2nd best because = you usually take skulls more than 4 times per game, making difference of 4+ points of what happens to the enemy.
Health and Armor = if enemy takes that 1 HP - it cannot be “reused” as magic or attack. Those are flat values that make only so much difference. HOWEVER, if you find yourself dying so quick you can’t cast your abilities, nor attack with skulls - a troop surviving with 2 HP being able to cast is much more worthwhile than a troop with 40 attack that doesn’t have skulls on the board.

My two cents.

Get level 4 on all kingdoms. Then max out Zhul’Kari, Blighted Lands, Darkstone, Karakoth, Silverglade.
The rest goes with personal preference concerning Tribute Income economy or Stat preference.

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Join a guild, if you haven’t yet.

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I’m the guild master for TAG The Adult Gamer so I have the guild covered but we are currently recruiting for active players :slight_smile: _

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Get all the magic kingdoms to level 10 first, as this will greatly increase your team (there are 5).
Then level all the other kingdoms to level 2, then 3, up to level 8.
Now just go kingdom by kingdom to do the remaining 2 levels for each kingdom.

5 magic kingdoms to 10
all kingdoms to 2
all kingdoms to 3

all kingdoms to 8
one kingdom to 9, then 10
next kingdom to 9, then 10

This is the most effective way, money wise.

majority will tell you lv5 all then lv10 one by one,

but i stand with an opinion that :

if you like to pvp a lot then do just lv3 all then go straight for lv10 magic kingdom one by one

(leveling all kingdoms from lv3 to lv5 costs as much as one kingdom from lv3 to lv10, more or less - so i prefer to have one solid +1 magic instead of small difference in tributes)

if you play more into different types like arena or explore, and/or if you collect much more tributes then you actually play - then go for lv5 or lv6 and make sure you have 3* + home set at whitehelm :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I been doing it wrong. But it’s all good cause I’m almost done now. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What do I know tho. I’m anti conformity. And I was in the military too. How ironic.


There is no “doing it wrong” brudda its all in how you want to do it… For instance on mobile i did one kingdom at a time and one level at a time and on ps4 i am doing it one kingdom at a time but all 10 levels at once😎


If I had it to do over again I’d have left everything at level 9 but magics.

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May I ask why? @Gilgamesh

Gold production, frankly all other stats are inconsequential and wouldn’t hurt my win percentage.

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Idk if i agree with that… Some cards boost off of armor (bombot, gards, rowanne) and life increases help survive true damage cards like EK and bat/draak. Attack helps improve skull spam teams like maw IK sheggra mercy and single cards like orion.

I mean obviously everyone plays their own way but the stat increases are important imho


Sure I see the point, but thiers teams where the ai doesn’t have much or any opportunity to play. Magic just speeds it up more than the rest.

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These are facts. Paladin is the truth when playing with Whitehelm troops.

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