Easy Path to Power Level 5 (Using 9 Troops)

So I’ve gotten a couple 9 troop kingdoms to power level 5 and the last 2 I’ve gotten to power level 5 with exactly 2,600 points. I’ve decided to share this info with the hopes of it making it just a little bit easier for other players to hit that coveted 5th star. This is what you will need:

4 Mythic troops at level 20
5 Legendary troops at level 19
16 traits

That gives you:

0450 points for owned troops (9x50)
1750 points for levels ((20x4x10)+(19x5x10))
0400 points for traits (16x25)

2600 = Power Level 5

I find this method easiest as the levels of the 9 troops are maxed out for their rarity, hope this helps someone out


How many stars can you get for just leveling all troops to level 20?


2,200= 3 stars

(Using 4 level 20 mythics and 5 level 19 legendaries)

Cool, then that is what i shall focus on after leveling my kingdoms to level 9.

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Why level 9?

From what was discovered in the data gathering thread, a level 10 kingdom adds 40 team power to teams which is enough to change a low tier team to a mid tier team. That means instead of my team being worth 1 trophy, it would be worth 2. This can also effect how many battle points it is worth from 10 to about 20 battle points. there are 22 kingdoms that equal about 880 bp which early game can have a catastrophic effect on climbing the leaderboard.

Catastrophic? Have you seen the leaderboard? I don’t believe that’s the case.


I only mean it as those of early game, the leaderboard shows mostly mid to late game players not including false start players whose pvp was not properly reset. Those at level level 1000 have a team score from just their level starting at 4000 which puts them in the hard pvp part of the match up.

Having your kingdoms at level 10 makes the game easier. You are intentionally hurting your own progress,


I’m level 165 now, and I think leveling my kingdoms to 10 has only helped not hurt my progress. (I still have some armor kingdoms to get though.) As I get closer to 200, I have seen more level 1000 opponents pop up. I actually fought one and won. But of course, there are some I still skip. Overall, I’ve had a better opportunity to take down hard fights because I leveled kingdoms.


Then please explain me why my friend with all level 10 kingdoms faces Maw/Mercy, IK/Mercy, Mab, Knight Coronet teams all the time, while I (only 4 level 10 kingdoms) haven’t ever seen those? We both are around level 420.

Concerning matchmaking, i have no clue. When it comes to your friend, speculating here, he must have more traited troops than you.

He indeed has more traits than I do (2 more). Yet I can hardly imagine that traits are the only factor in that difference.

Traits aren’t the only factor, but they seem to be pretty heavy when differentiating between levels. I am no valid resource on matchmaking. I have no idea how the algorithm works.

From what I’ve seen, if you set up a weaker defense team, you get weaker invade options.

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Tried that and did not work. I assume that your invade teams also facotr into this slightly.

@Koolbiird You’re right. Traits give more points that single stat ponits, but the stats overweight the traits in the end. But we’re drifting off-topic, so we shouldn’t continue this disscussion much longer.

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A few people have mentioned that. However, it does not work for me.

I just tested it again, and it surely doesn’t work any longer. I guess it must have been a bug that they fixed.

I know enough about the system to shed a little light on it. Matchmaking is based on bp(low) and bp(high). These scores are determined by what the weakest team you can create is (different for each player do to the many variables we went through in the data gathering thread) and the strongest team you can make in bp. It then chooses three teams from low to high in this range and presents them to you. I have yet to find proof that points otherwise so this it the most obvious coding they probably went with.


So, to game the difficulty system you should always keep four Common troops at level 1, untraited?

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