Kingdoms beyond 5 stars needed points?

I have searched everywhere. Anybody know where to find these numbers??? I know the advancement ratio for power level
is different once you get to 5. Thanks

Just enter any kingdom menu, and in the power level section youll see it.

Not so much about the 5 star part, just certain thresholds for troops, traits and levels.


No I mean the trait, level, troop points after you get 5 stars are scaled different, aren’t they? Like how many points you get for each to advance power level is less per after you get to 5 stars. Sry if I’m not being clear enough

no they arent scaled differently after you reach 5 stars

they are scaled differently separately after you reach respectively certain treshhold of: levels , traits and unique units

it probably can happen around reaching 5 stars but that is just coincidence, not always exactly on that moment

for excample after reaching 200 levels, all levels above the first 200 will score +2 points each

Thanks for the link.

Thanks for clarifying that that. I really didn’t understand. This forum is the best.

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