Question about 3 gold star kingdom - double tribute chance


How many points will it take to get it. Would be glad if you could do an example also, if we say the kingdom has 8 troops.


25 points per trait unlocked. 10 points per level.


Not what I am asking for, but thanks.


2100 points in total.


Thanks! :slightly_smiling:


To add:

Gold 4: 2400
Gold 5: 2600

2600 points can exactly be reached if you have all 8 troops on mythic, leveled to 20 and unlocked all their traits.


Thank you. And for example for the 3 gold star kingdom - 2100pts, what is the best move to reach it?


PM me, not willing to share my strategy on the forum :wink:


PM sent, mac.


I tend to go for 8 troops, 8 traits, 150 levels. Requires 6 troops at legendary, 2 troops at epic. Mythic troops allow you to shift points around a little.


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