Khorvash vs Deathknight

I use Stonehammer as lead troop in almost all GW fights, even if off color, for his ability to neutralize Deathknight

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Apothecary can also cleanse all as a blue troop.

I deny the existence of Stonehammer but yeah if he actually were to exist he would be another blue stun.

dont destroy my moment of joy, i dislike khorvash so much :sweat_smile: :laughing:

anyway i agree with @GemsCollector :

I’d argue that this was intended. The Knockout trait (stun to cancel enemy traits) was devised exactly to help counter the otherwise super-strong Gorgotha (or even Stoneskin) defence.


sorry im a bit confused right now and cant check,
so please explain to me am i right on this:

there is the trait that applies stun on skull damage (knockout)
and then there suppose to come a new trait that ignores traits at skull damage

if the second trait is meant to precisely counter skull damage reductions, isnt it more valid to leave knockout with the “delay” effect of the stun being applied later? - that delay would be the only difference between these two traits when it comes to countering skull reduction then
otherwise i dont see a point why devs would plan on creatign that other trait… impervious/thick head armor reducing troops are such a niche…

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Are you talking about Enraged? If yes:
Not a trait, but a new spell effect (like Barrier or Enchanted). And it’s not anymore a spoil (from Console 3.0 patchnote):

It seems devs nerfed it and it doesn’t anymore ignore traits…


in that case @Jainus is probably right

Well, it would be interesting to see the devs point of view on that matter, but as I understood it Knockout troops were meant to hit like any other and then apply stun, so that the next hit would do full damage (unless the stun was cleansed in the mean-time of course). Maybe I’m right, maybe wrong - I don’t recall it ever being stated clearly.
BTW Stoneskin, Granite Skin and such aren’t the only traits important in this situation. BD’s freezing and damage reflection (Gloom Leaf, War, something else too) comes to mind immediately, maybe there are others.

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to add another depth to the concept:

with recent decision for devs to make death mark counterable - adding 1 turn delay - wouldnt it make more sense if they wished stun to be also counterable - keeping that one turn delay (to allow cleanse)?

You’re giving up 25% of your points on off-color days. Why do that?

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That is how cool Stonehammer is!

Because winning a match with 3 colors > losing a match with 4 colors.

And having fun > not having fun

Furthermore, Deathknight is the single most idiotic thing ever added to the game. No troop should be so potent that you are pigeonholed into building your team around assuming you will face it. Seconded only to the devour mechanic which is not only instakill but megabuff as well.


Yes for blue color but in brown only Emperina can cleanse one troop :open_mouth:

I swear this was mentioned somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it in this thread… Both brown and blue are covered for Cleanse all with the Sheggra’s Heart hero weapon.

EDIT: Also just for clarity’s sake, I’m not suggesting a change or anything isn’t needed. I’m just trying to help provide counters in the mean time.


hmm, yes thx for support, it’s still difficult: Khorvash, Stonehammer and Sheggra’s Heart share the same colors and in brown color Villager/Werewolf can supply mana to them.

I will try this combo.

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Also for Brown, don’t discount Ragnagord’s explosions for generating mana (Same with Gorgotha, but he’s harder to obtain), Ragnagord even has Fast to help speed things up initially.

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There’s more to the way how exactly spells work. I just had a battle where I used Krystenax against DK. Krystenax spell clearly states: “Deal damage and remove gems (it has to be at the same moment as gems boost the spell). Summon Silver Drakon” - so the summoning should happen after dealing damage, when DK is already dead and his curse triggered. Yet when I killed the enemy DK with this spell the summoned Drakon immediately became Death Marked. So here the order of things is:

  1. Deal damage
  2. Do the rest of the spell
  3. Only now check if the enemy died.
    It’s definitely not consistent with stunning while dealing damage.
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Almost same situation as last week. Fight against deathknight, 2xdeath, famine.
No stun luck with Stonehammer/Khorvash before death of deathknight with Khorvash, death mark killed my full filled mercy instant. Only Stonehammer survived this slaughter.

Better play with full immunity :wink: