Is this correct behavior? Sequence of status applications question

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I was playing against a Wraith / Courage / Bone Dragon / Courage team (as usual). Bone Dragon cast, causing Wraith to deliver a fatal blow to my first troop - The Dragon Soul.

The damage killed my TDS and Possession fired. AFTER the TDS came back alive, he acquired Death Mark as if Wraith hit him twice, both before AND after death. Of course, TDS then died at the beginning of the next turn.

I certainly hope this is a bug. If it’s not, please fix it anyway because these one-hit powers are ridiculous to begin with.


That doesn’t surprise me at all. They need to change the order of effects (both with spells and effects applied on skull damage) so that they apply damage last, rather than first. It’s the same thing with Emperor Khorvash, who, if he kills your second troop with true damage, will stun and mana drain the third. These spillover effects don’t make any sense.


Wow, I’ve never seen that with Khorvash. Probably good thing I haven’t noticed it before. :slight_smile:


It’s possible that it only works that way on console, but I think I’ve heard it confirmed that the mana drain and stun spillover on PC/Mobile, too. In my mind, it’s a flaw in design, but you can use it to your advantage.

I sometimes feel a little bad about using a single cast to kill two troops in PVP and then stun and drain a 3rd, unless its a Bonedragon that someone is trying to protect by putting it in the 3rd slot.

Wulfgarok is another one that has some funny interactions with resurrection. If I remember correctly, I once killed a Dragon Soul with Wulfy, had it resurrect in first slot, had Wulfy devour the new one and then had it resurrect again. I was like, WTF just happened?

So here is another one.

Enemy Sylvanimora matches 4 skulls, doing enough damage to kill my lead troop.

AFTER the troop dies, entangle is applied to the 2nd troop.

@Sirrian, @Nimhain,

Some little things with status effects like this really need addressed. They seem very counterintuitive.


cant believe ive missed it,
horrible bug.

on a side note ive been abusing this bug for a very long time now (as i didnt realise it wasnt working as intended) by: killing a troop with 4+ skull match would couse next troop to get entangle - entangle (sylvanimora trait) getting applied later then it should,same as in the OP with death mark

if this gets fixed all the dragon deck users will get a little sad :sweat_smile:

but i still hope it does get fixed XD

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This also works if the killed troop respawns. I’ve seen a whole lot of pre-entangled Dragon Souls pop into existence, without an obvious reason why.


Just saw this again. Enemy Sylvanimora matches 4 skulls, just enough to kill my first troop. 2nd troop is then entangled.

@Saltypatra, I know everybody is busy on Guild Wars but should I go ahead and put in a support ticket?

This really shouldn’t be happening.

Related question, I know it’s not a bug as such since it is the current expected sequencing but should Bone Dragon’s Frozen Soul really prevent you from getting an extra turn if you match 4 skulls against it? Logically it would seem like you make the match and earn an extra turn, do damage, become frozen. The reality is you do damage, become frozen, and loose all skull match extra turns. The fact people aren’t more grumbly about this just shows how low on the list of Bone Dragon complaints it is…


If the Topmost troop that does direct skull damage is Frozen, that troop loses ALL its extra turns… including its 4 and 5 skull matches.

As far as I can tell, this is how Frozen has always supposed to work.

But since this isn’t obvious AT ALL to the casual user, we’re no longer at the point where we can rely merely on popup Tooltips to explain the complexity in spell effects.

Personally, I think we ought to have an in-game spell guide… a grimoire or an incantamentus book… that properly explains all this stuff. Our guide Luther makes for a lousy mage, and I don’t blame any of the new users who keep popping into these forums to say they don’t get it. It’s definitely confusing. :frowning:

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I know, @Stan is right. Logically the spell effect ought to apply first, and then the damage that kills that same troop applies second.

That being said, this works both ways. Right now the whole “entangle the next troop too” is the only thing keeping my weak Gorgotha alive against those blinking bad Bone Dragon/Courage teams.

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In his example, the 4 match happens BEFORE damage is dealt and damage must be dealt in order for Frozen Soul to be applied. it doesn’t make sense for the player to lose an extra turn that was earned before his troop was even frozen.

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