Bug report: Khorvash

I just experienced Emperor Khorvash doing his attack and he stunned my third guy. That is, he did his true damage to the first two, which killed one of them, THEN he stunned the first two remaining of my team. He is ONLY supposed to attack the first two regardless of whether he kills or both.

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I am guessing this on PC. Troops that do multiple things started doing strange things after the move to the new engine. Kraken killing the last two then devouring the 2nd troop, Kraken killing a dragon soul then devouring it after it revives. As far as I know it’s’ pretty much only kraken and khorvash that were broke.

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Actually I’ve seen this behavior with other troops. If Pride Hunter kills a troop, the next troop will become silenced. This isn’t anything new or exclusive to Khorvash.


Its the way they have ALWAYS worked on console. Shiratori is correct.
For a console player its certainly nothing new.


Since this isn’t new behavior for console I assumed since he posted this that he must be playing on the new unity PC.

I have not used pride hunter enough to have realized that. @Shiratori

IT would be nice to know definitively what way it is supposed to work.

At least on console, if a status affect would be added but the troop is killed, the effect is applied to the next troop. In Khorvash’s case, this applies if the 2nd troop is killed, then the next one would be mana drained and stunned. If only the 1st troop is killed, the 3rd troop will be unaffected.

Also Sir Snothelm seems to be separate from this since the web and entangle occur after the damage is done and not at the same time so if the troop is killed, the next one is unaffected. But he’s more the exception on console.

This is a known issue that is on our 3.0.5 Known Issues thread. We are currently looking into fixing it.

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Told you so guys to give it a few weeks. Lmao.

Been that way on console since his release…This has been brought up by console players plenty of times now @Saltypatra

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It’s amazing…consol has known forever…nothing. Pc sees it and it’s on the fix list. At least our drop issues will get fixed now that pc is dealing with it.


Basically, multi-step spells don’t have “target lock” like they did on the Adobe version. Both have their own set of bugs.

Adobe version: select targets for all steps of the spell at the start. Perform all steps of the spell one by one on these team slots regardless of what happens. If a target dies or moves, the next step occurs on a usually empty spot (but traitsummons can take the next effect), but they will always occur on these slots.

Unity version: Select targets for each step of the spell before each step. If something dies or moves during one of the steps, targets are recalculated and the next steps occur based on their current relative positions. This is why Kraken can devour something other than the “last enemy” at the time his spell was cast, Khorvash can drain the third, Creeping Death will always deathmark two enemies instead of trying to deathmark an enemy that died as the “weakest”, etc.

Both versions: Neither really correctly takes all spell effects into account before the “death” event. Something that deals damage then inflicts a status should not be inflicted on the next target, nor on a traitsummon in the same slot, but rather on that target before the death event is considered. “Death” needs to be processed only after a spell has finished processing all other effects, similar to how mutli-board mod don’t match gems until the spell finishes processing.

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Mithran is right, both versions had their quirks. Now that we are moving towards one version it will be much easier to correct things as we go as we won’t have different bugs across two different builds.


Boo hoo… Really? You sound like a child… As usual… And by “drop issue” i take it you mean how the ai cheats?

I hope this doesn’t mean Kraken will be adjusted, I like his new version way better.
Do damage and THEN 40% devour to eat the last card.

He can kill the last two, and eat the 2nd card now… Which is way better :slight_smile:

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ah cmon, thats too much for one unit, he should be back to his previous state
same with khorvash


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