Khorvash also drains mana from and stuns the 3rd troop if the 2nd troop dies

The troop is apparently, obviously and clearly isn’t working as it was designed. I am not whining about a troop that received a buff here. It was unintentionally broken. It’s not doing what its skill description says.

And here you are you two saying that it’s fine. You are defending something broken. Exploit it personally or not. What do you expect me to say about your stance?

No, we all says it is broken, but it is broken for both human and CPU, in a positive way, so thats why we are fine with it. Well, the bug is not an ugly one. :slight_smile:

Ok, whatever rocks your boat I guess.

Something other than calling me an exploiter which is btw the same as calling me a cheater…

Whatever rocks your boat, too. No need to be like this.

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Look @Harbinger the bottom line is this…

You created a topic discussing the way EK works. Others gave their opinions and some agree with you and others dont. I dont understand why you would attack those who disagree with you by calling them explioters

Thats all im saying… And now… Mute


Sorry for hurting your e-ego. Or maybe not.

We don’t feel that way on console because both khorvash and kraken have always behaved like that, since the day those troops came out. PC got the change when it came to unity.
I agree that kraken cast is working as intended and that khorvash shouldn’t do anything past the Initial first two targets.
Just keep in mind that the devs didn’t try to fix anything, it just happened when it changed to unity. So they didn’t screw anything up either.


Im ok with both. As long as it is human and AI it isnt a major issue. I personally like kraken being able to kill 3 in 1 shot :smiley:

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And it’s not just Khorvash either. Most troops (especially the older ones) that do damage and a status effect exhibit the same thing.

Pride Hunter for example will silence the 2nd troop if the first one is killed. It’s been like this on console since day 1 so by that regard, Khorvash has been consistent with how other troops are handled regardless of what the text says.

Now if you want to make the argument they’re all broken, fine. That’s already been mentioned that they’re working on it. But it’s not like this is a suddenly new thing that is unique for this one troop, especially on console.


Well, there aren’t many Pride Hunters in pvp teams. Which is to say I don’t usually come across them. So I don’t really have a clue.

Also I understan that console has been suffering for a longer time. But the whole thing just started happening after the transition to Unity on PC. If the problem is exhibited by other chars too, by all means, they should also be fixed.

As for this having been already reported; yeah, the first reply in this thread made it clear. But I happen to have created this thread and can’t delete it myself now.

It’s incredible that this bug is on console from the start and still there…

I’m happy of Kraken’s power up. But it’s clearly a bug and so on, everyone using the concerned troops could be seen as exploiters (because we exploit a bug).

This again.
I love my kracken and khorvash just the way they are thank you.


Its a bug plain and simple. It been reported on console for just under 2 years but quite frankly its not that important to pound on it every single update. I personally last reported it under v2.2 with Pride Hunter.


It wasn’t a bug until mobile / PC complained about it.


Ok this topic is starting to get a bit off track. As a number of people have pointed out this has been acknowledged as a bug by the devs, is on the Known Issues list, and is being looked in to. There is no “exploit” here any more than there was an exploit in using Life Drain traits to survive Bombot’s spell.

While it’s fine reporting these bugs, once it’s been confirmed by the devs as a known issue there is no reason to continue debate about it in the Support forums.


I don’t want to launch a debate on what is an exploit or not but if it’s a bug, it’s an exploit.
But it doesn’t mean it’s cheating: (not the best source in the world)

Imagine that there is a new bug and Kraken devours everytime, not 40%. Will you consider players using Kraken “exploiters”?

Perhaps if it affects only one side of the field, an argument for exploitation could conceivably be made, but in this case it appears to be equal. I don’t see how invasion with a troop your opponents can defend with (or vice versa) on even grounds could be considered exploitation.

So are you saying that if both sides are using/exploiting a bug, it’s not an exploit?

Moreover, your argument is not true as every time that I use Kraken there is not always a Kraken in front of me so I get an unfair (because coming from a bug) advantage compared to the AI. In this case, the advantage is very small because it’s only a 40% chance of Devour but it’s still an advantage.