Khorvash also drains mana from and stuns the 3rd troop if the 2nd troop dies

First off, I am very sorry if this has been reported before. I am not very good at using these forums, but my searches didn’t return any results. Then again I am still trying to get used to this site.

EK is supposed to strike the first two enemies, drain their mana and stun them. When the second troop it attacks dies though, it also drains mana from and stuns the next troop in line.

All that comes to mind is that this is a side effect of fixing the Kraken. It only recently started working properly and I think the same mechanism is also at play with EK (attack the first/last two enemies, affect the next enemy in line if one or both dies).

Anyway, I wanted to bring this to your attention. EK used to be one of the most infuriating troops back in the day. It was adequately revisited and from then on it was alright. But this is really bringing those days back.


It is a known bug, but it also counts for when human use the troop, so I am fine with it.

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Well, probably a moderator should delete this then.

It isn’t “working as intended”.

It used to be applying every effect at once. Now its applying everything in sequence. For instance:

Kraken -
Damage last troop (it dies)
Damage second-last troop (it dies)
Roll for devour, get it, devour the current last troop (the third-last in reality)

EK must be doing the same thing with his stun.

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That has always been the case on console. I grew up with it.


IMHO this needs to be fixed in all iterations of this bug/feature.

Kraken does the same effect if it kills the last 2 troops then it can devour the 3rd, I like these both as Is.


Damages first. Then applies status effect and mana drain. Working perfectly.


I disagree. I think this is a bug. I would prefer to see it (and Kraken) rolled back to only ever affect two targets. Both are plenty strong enough anyway.

Reread EK’s text:
Crown of Anu (15 Blue/Brown)
Deal [Magic + 3] true damage to the first 2 enemies. Stun them and drain their Mana.
…clearly intends: hit two enemies and stun them and drain their mana - the possessive shows it belongs on the two enemies hit, not find new targets sequentially.

Now I do not think this is a bug - it is clearly unintentional and should be fixed. I understood the Unity code was robust enough to let these be unentangled and handled correctly…

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It is in fact working exactly as intended with Kraken. If you read its skill description, it says “deal x damage to the last two enemies; and then there is x% chance to devour the last enemy”.

Here ‘the last enemy’ is whoever is occupying the last row at the time the devour chance is triggered (which is after damage has been dealt). It wasn’t like this before. The devour chance was lost with the last two enemies. And they did fix it. In its current state, it works the way it was designed.

When it comes to EK though, it doesn’t say “…, and then the same is going to happen to the next troop in line if the second troop is unlucky enough to die in the process”.

Obviously while trying to fix Kraken, the devs also accidentally caused EK to benefit from the same mechanism.

Personally i am fine with the way EK works… I feel to lose the stun effect due to the death of one of the targets is a punishment for being effective. His spell is intended to deal true damage to 2 targets, drain 2 targets, and stun 2 targets.

If one or both die from the damage they cant be stunned or drained.

My vote would be to change nothing.


Man, you really like broken stuff, don’t you?


Or we just don’t cry about the way every troop works. Adapt, adjust, conquer. I would like to see both troops drain if 2 troops die from damage. How about that?

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Adapt? Don’t make me laugh. You are merely taking advantage of whatever exploit you can discover and grab. You choose to be part of the disease. I plain refuse to. How about that?

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How is it an exploit? It works the same whether i am using it or i am fighting it. And btw i dont even use EK except rarely so please explain how i am taking advantage of an exploit.

I am merely stating my opinion and if you disagree thats fine but to call me an exploiter is unnecessary


I agree with this… As i said 2 targets each damage drain and stun

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I only use lorvash in guild wars, and doing true damage lowers my points so what am I exploiting? Less points?


me too, only for Guild Wars. If the bug only counted for the Al it would had annoyed me, but since the bug counts for both Al and myself using it, I am totally fine with it.


The troop is apparently, obviously and clearly isn’t working as it was designed. I am not whining about a troop that received a buff here. It was unintentionally broken. It’s not doing what its skill description says.

And here you are you two saying that it’s fine. You are defending something broken. Exploit it personally or not. What do you expect me to say about your stance?

No, we all says it is broken, but it is broken for both human and CPU, in a positive way, so thats why we are fine with it. Well, the bug is not an ugly one. :slight_smile: