Bug report: Khorvash

Its funny to me that the same 3 or 4 ppl keep calling me a troll… They do all have one thing in common tho… They have all cried about how bad the ai cheats… Hrmmm strange

No, we have two things in common. We all know you’re an idiot. Plus, it’s just baffling to me how someone who plays on the carebear pc version where you can skullbait your way to victory has the audacity to say anything about the consol problems. This is why you’re a troll, you stick your nose in and give your worthless opinion based on nothing and try to make fun of those who actually play and see the problem. But you keep telling yourself that you’re a hero. I truly do not like you, I would bet one of my sizable paychecks that you are just as much of an arrogant, know it all boy-turd in real life as you are here. One last thing…when multiple people have issue with a single person, typically that means the single person is the problem. Let that sink into your thick skull.

And before anyone wants to feel too sorry for him, let’s just scroll up and see who started what. In fact, take a look at his entire posting history, then come back and we can talk.



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I’m actually surprised a dev said it was an issue being fixed on PC… Its been like that on console from day 1, with 0 fanfare, I thought that is how it was meant to be.

I prefer it the way it is myself.

@Pantenkind please don’t attack members of the forum. Also @Vangor, don’t respond back.

I don’t want to issue warnings.


No worrys @Saltypatra ill play nice😎


i thought it was the console that had bugged 4match, not the pc
the statement from devs that its the other way around disappointed me

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No looking into it, no fixing! That is how he works and I’m quite happy with it.

I agree, pc sees it and now it’s a issue? What about the ai then? I’m sure that will get reworked now too, all about keeping pc ppl hAppy. I am just fine with him as is, as well. Keep it the same, I’ve never had issues, u just have to adjust.
I can’t complain though, they are good at keeping me happy too.

pc will solve the console ai when pc gets the console ai :stuck_out_tongue:
anyway please dont blame the pc, its just that much more pc players are on the forums then console players… i think?

and were already working on console cascades since we are starting to get it :wink:

I second that opinion. :grinning:

Leave Kraken and Khorvash the way it is now!

It’s a beautiful thing when Kraken kills 2 troops and devour a 3rd.:wink:

Same with Khorvash killing a troop and stunning and draining the next. It’s bad when it happens to you but it goes both ways.


In a sense, the ability works the way I’d expect from a coding experience.

It deals damage. Then other effects take effect, stun included. If the targets he was supposed to stun No Longer Exist due to suffering fatal damage - the code just follows the “first two targets” description in it and stuns those.

Sylvanimora works the same. All traits and similar abilities work the same, I assume.
… You can also call this a “wrong description” just as half of them are.

I thought “Create 15 Red and Brown gems” was supposed to create 15+15. Someone told me just a week ago it’s the same as “Create 15 gems, a mixture of Red and a chosen color.”

I would actual consider this a bug, because you use Khorvash to stun before you kill.
If you now hit a DK with 20 life, you will all get deathmarked, because he doesn’t stun first.

Which makes the trait a lot less useful… Especially since the stun can (and will way to often) wear of on the first turn.