Is Wraith currently bugged?

Wraith is acting weird in pvp matches. Hit with skulls with full mana. No DM applied. Tested several times. Hit troops that were not impervious. Hit with no mana and DM applied. Also I actually hit another wraith and no DM when they had full mana but when I hit when they had partial mana DM was applied. Anybody else having problems. I was not stunned.

Maybe the hit troop had ward trait which makes it immune to death mark?
Describing situation more would be very helpfull. Can you remember which troop were you hitting?

Also note if using werewolf or another troop with transform, currently your first troop will lose its traits after the transformation.

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What platform are you on?

It could be a visual bug with deathmark not showing overtop the full mana image that every troop has.

I wish that the Wraiths at the top of half my pvp matches this week (Ghulvania week) had this bug and didn’t deathmark me.

I also wish my deathmarked front troop didn’t die on the first turn 90% of the time. Oh gotta love recall bias. Cos bias must affect how I’ve written these down.

Yes I was using werewolf in second spot. That was probably it then. Thnx.

Using IOS. Another player stated if I have werewolf on team the transformation makes deactivate the traits.

Nope no ward. I hit another wraith, gorgotha, 2 other troops that don’t have impervious. Tested on 4 matches. Could be my werewolf on team causing the issue upon transformation. Will test further.