Fully traited Wraith not inflicting freeze/death mark

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
When doing skull damage the wraith does not always inflict death mark/freeze. Wraith is fully traited and I have confirmed that stun effect was no tin effect.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
I have not fully drilled down on the mechanic behind it but it looks like the main trigger is when the the first rank enemy dies of skull damage, at no point in the rest of the match will the wraith inflict the effects. It’s possible though less likely that a kill through death mark triggers it. I am also reasonably certain that the issue is tied to the first ran k enemy and will not replicate further down the chain. Only discovered this tonight and am still gathering data.

I don’t use video capture equipment but the bug shows pretty reliably for me so if you create the above conditions it should happen.

Did the enemy troop have the Impervious trait?

Impervious grant immunity from all status effects including death Mark + Freeze.

Good question, I forgot to include that detail and no he did not. It happened with several troops and none of them had that trait either actively or not.

Is there a specific team you were using to make this happen? Or does it seem to occur with any Wraith team configurations?

Another good question. So far I have only seen it with a couple of experimental Ghulvania groups. Messing around with the werewolf, villager combo and seeing what works. I had settled on Wraith, Flesh golem, Morthani’s Will and Werewolf/villager.

I don’t really see how these troops would mess the code up though as there are no enemy shuffle mechanics involved like many bugs seem to be triggered by.

Just duplicated it again. First rank enemy removed by Banshee spell, and a skull match on same turn did not apply Freeze/stun on Valkyrie,

edit, and again, this time death mark claimed a first rank enemy, again it was a valk in second rank that was not affected.

Edit 2 I no longer think it’s tied to first rank enemy or a death caused by wraith. A third rank enemy died in the next match this time a Dragon’s soul and death mark/freeze no longer happened for the rest of the match

Edit number 3 Alright, I admit I cannot find any pattern at all to this. Wraith did not inflict status on Great Maw in first rank. Troop is utterly useless in it’s current form.

Last edit. I really cannot discern a pattern here. Even when enemy team has not had a chance to inflict any action and a skull match is done first by me, it still sometimes does not trigger. It’s like the game fails to check for traits on that troop at times. What causes that check to fail is a mystery to me.

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This could be another side effect of some of the race conditions that get seen.

Here is a thread, where if you read through, you’ll find there are some issues that are very hard to fix. It may help explain why you can’t seem to recreate it every time.

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