Another status effect and/or wording issue

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

My troop was entangled and matched 3 skulls, during zero damage to enemy Bone Dragon. Enemy Bone Dragon’s 3rd trait fires and freezes my troop.

This is another example where actual status effect experience doesn’t match the wording of the trait “Inflict Frozen when enemies deal Skull damage to me.”

Afaik this is a known issue pending a fix, and the wording is correct and it is intended to work the way it is worded.

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It is a known issue, but i agree it shouldnt be happening. Only on 4+ matches that actually do damage.
Similar goes with on hit kill traits that proc even when the hero is entangled.

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Yeah it is a known issue. There’s multiple cases where this is happening, particularly with Entangle.

I’m just making sure they all get documented as they happen so that they’ll hopefully get cleaned up in the future.