Assasin Trait - Text is wrong or trait is not working correctly

I read the text of the enemy troop very carefully before selecting an entangle troop to combat Assasin’s third trait.
It says ‘when I DEAL skull damage.’
The first entangled match 3 skulls assasinated my 4th troop even though it did NO damage.
The second entangled match 3 skulls (its very next move) assassinated my 3rd troop even tho it did no damage (so much for 10% chance!)

I feel the text really should be changed to ‘…when I match skulls’ - unless of course this trait is not working as intended so that an entangled assassin cannot cause damage with a 3 match and therefore cannot assassinate on that turn.

For example, Wraith’s 3rd trait says ‘Inflict frozen when doing skull damage’ but if Wraith is entangled for a 3 skull match the troop does not become frozen !


0 is damage, just not too much :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree it should be spelled better or fixed.

there is a lot of inconsistency in the spelling concerning skull damage, skull matching and taking damage in general, not only in this one case


When you’re entangled and do 0 skull damage to Bone Dragon, his freeze procs on you anyway. Definitely a few inconsistencies with skull damage/match effects and text.

fix the text. it is easier than changing the code to match a simple text (i just want a powerful trait that can kill while entangled really.)

Agree either the text should change or the code should change, it’s misleading.

Easier to change the text.

Better to change the code: ‘on attack’ traits shouldn’t trigger if you can’t attack.

Related point / query: if your first troop is entangled, you match three skulls, first enemy is a Bone Dragon with its third trait. What happens?

Your first troop is frozen.

Agreed. I always have to make sure and play it safe against assassin. Very misleading

My point exactly: that’s also a bug. The trait text says: Inflict Frozen when enemies deal Skull damage to me.

If I am entangled, I am not dealing Skull damage on three matches.