Assassinate trait vs entangled

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
The “Assassinate” trait reads “10% chance to kill the last ennemy when I deal skull damage”.
An entangled troop doesn’t deal damage unless it lines up more than 3 skulls.
Just like any “on hit” trait, I thought this trait would not apply if the hero was entangled, especially since this is kinda hinted in the description… But it did.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Fight or use a hero with the Assassin class, fully traited.
Entangle him and feed him skulls (no 4+ matches though, only 3 matches)

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
Nop, I didn’t expect it to happen and it’s kinda hard to reproduce, especially since I didn’t trait my assassin !
I had a lucky opponent trigger this with his first hit while entangled by Sylvanimora :unamused:
Still won the fight though :smirk:


Archer’s Bullseye trait does the same thing. And there’s all kinds of other wonkiness with entangled. I started another thread a while ago


This is a known and common “bug”. Some traits fire registering that skulls were matched regardless of the attack stat while others do seem to require actual Dmg dealt.

I believe it is on the dev’s radar but I might be wrong about that.

Just know: It’s not just you! :wink:

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Sorry, I didn’t find it when doing a search using the keyword “assassinate” so I figured this one might have gone under the radar :stuck_out_tongue:

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Zero is a number, and therefore read as damage dealt. This little quirk in the system is part of why you want Archer or Assassin at the head of a skull spam invasion team.

I’d love to see it fixed, but it might be a while

like this wraith death mark should be also inflicted when doing skull damage (0) but it is not

the inconsistency is sure there, not just a “quirk”


I guess I’ve been a bit lazy with my search, kept it to “assassinate”, I was on my portable and I was in an area with bad coverage :sweat:


I personally wouldn’t have thought to search for “assasin” (sic), so I think you did your due diligence.


No worries, I wasn’t intending to give you a hard time about it.

I think there’s some general inconsistency in match vs damage. Draakulis’s third trait is another example of this happening - the trait reads ‘on damage’ but it triggers on match when entangled.

@Saltypatra This bug really needs to be fixed in light of Guild Wars. Guilds are exploiting Archer/Assassin bug on defense on brown days, where Sylvanimora’s entangle trait is a popular counter to skull damage.

Edited for dumbness.

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Hmm not my finest lyrics :thinking: but I wrote a protest song:

What do we want?
Sensible and varied counters to work against griefing instadeath mechanics being exploited in defence teams

When do we want it?
As soon as is practicable, please.