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Sylvanimora's third trait is resolving in an improper and annoying manner

When the AI’s bone dragon cast a fatal skull-spam it entangled my second-slot card. Technically when the 4/5 matches that activated the entangle trait were made my first-slot card was still alive and should have been the target.

Added some serious insult to injury. Any plans to fix this, or is double impervious offense the new intended meta?

Incorrect > Sylvanimora’s trait randomly Entangles any troop. It’s not first troop specific.

Edit: Looks like I didn’t bother reading the trait effect well enough.
(This is what happens when I talk about a troop I don’t have!)

Sylvanimora entangles the first troop only.

I have seen what Tard is describing. But it was when I matched 4 skulls which killed the opponent troop and entangled the next, from memory.

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Wrongo bongo!

It’s only improper and annoying when the Sylvanimora is on the enemy team. If it happened to be on your side and do that to the enemy, surely you’d find that very proper and quite satisfying.

On a more serious note, as both the trait activation and the damage are resulted by the skull match, there is no more reason for the trait to precede the damage than the other way around. I get why you find it annoying, but I can’t see it as improper at all.

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I probably wouldn’t have made a thread whining about it, true.

I guess I’m approaching it in a M:TG mindset regarding the trait activation as an instant. Since it triggers off the same event as the attack damage, both it and skull damage “should” target the same card, even if that means the entangle fizzles.

Yes, you have to kill with a match 4 skull in order to entangle the second opponent. The “first enemy” is now the next one in line, so they are the ones that gets entangled. The skull damage just resolves before the trait, which is normal (eg., knockout or Khorvash’s third trait vs stoneskin/armored/granite skin). Most of time time anyway, unless it is interacting with another glitch:

Although, in fairness, the enemy Maw should be quite dead there.