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Kraken vs Dragon Soul mystery

So I had this weird situation…
My team had only Dragon Soul left alive with very little life, AI had only Kraken. Kraken fires his spell…
DSoul dies, resurrects and is immediately devoured by Kraken. Game over.

Is it supposed to work like that? I must admit I was amused :slight_smile:

Yes, that is allowed to happen. My own Kraken did it to either a TDS or an Infernal King once, except the enemy troop respawned again after the devour. I recall killing that troop five times. Blighter couldn’t take a hint.

It happens as a consequence of lack of target lock in Unity. If they ever manage to fix the underlying issue then this should go away too.

That´s not as weird as what happened to me yesterday.
I had a full team,AI had only dragon soul left…
Dragon soul fires off a falling star,and…Summoned a Giant spider.

Did the AI team have a hero in the team? Orbweaver is very buggy.

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My observation is “spells with multiple effects do not (always) seem to be atomic”. In this sense “atomic” means “everything happens at the same time”. I think players expect it, but if it’s a game rule then it’s “consistent” enough players can learn it.

I see it with Emperor Khorvash all the time. We read “Drain mana, do damage, stun” like it’s one action. But what really happens is this:

  • Drain mana (from the first enemy.)
  • Do damage (to the first enemy.)
  • Stun (the first enemy.)
  • Drain mana (from the second enemy.)
  • Do damage (to the second enemy.)
  • Stun (the second enemy.)

“The first enemy” or “the second enemy” recalculates every step. So if we number the troops 1, 2, 3, 4, and the “do damage to the 2nd enemy” step kills enemy 2, then "Stun (the second enemy) sort of chokes and hits 3.

That’s buggy in and of itself because technically 3 is now the first enemy, but this is very consistent. My interpretation has always been this is an unwanted interaction from the devs, the “choose a 2nd target” code realizes it has an invalid target and the “failure” state is “I don’t know, start the targeting code over again and see if it finds something.”

That’s what I think we see here: Kraken’s “damage” step and “devour” step are so distinct they can choose different targets.

It might have,didn´t really think about it.
That could explain it though.