While you are fixing Death Mark please fix everything else, too

This game has a host of abilities and it’s impossible to tell when they activate.

Currently, if I have my enemy Entangled–which means he can’t benefit from skulls on his turn–I have NO IDEA whether that Entangle is going to function on his turn.
It might go away at the beginning of the turn.

So…can I leave a 3 skull match on the board or not? Is he REALLY entangled or is that effect about to go poof?!
Being entangled on MY turn is meaningless.

Rather than changing Death Mark so that we have a hodgepodge of cobbled together procedure activations, just make it so that ALL status effects trigger at the end of the turn of the troop suffering the status.

Likewise, have the check to see if the effect is dispelled happen after all status effects proc.


P.S. I’d say it’s fine if they all trigger at the beginning and dispel at the end…except that you already announced Death Mark won’t work this way.

In other words, I would have said, please just make everything consistent and I don’t care how you achieve that.
But now I have to say, please just make everything consistent…with Death Mark.

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I understand your point, and consistency across all abilities is a great idea. But thought I’d post a light hearted comment to consider:

Once the PC/Mobile gets moved to Unity there is a chance this dilemma will not be much of an issue at all because you can’t lead the AI around by the nose. The AI might take the Skull match, it might take Mana it needs, or it might Mana deny you. You can’t force the AI to do anything 100% of the time.

I had to laugh at the title, but you do have a good point…
These effects should wear off at the end of a turn, not at the start of one…

It adds more strategy, while lowering the randomness.

In many circumstances, it’s not even about randomness.

If you are Entangled or Webbed and have Attack or Magic 0 on my turn but it goes away at the beginning of oppponent’s 1st turn after the effect was applied…then there was never any effect.

If you are Stunned but the Traits only have an effect during opponent’s turn…this is the same.

Silence, Frozen, etc. I don’t have the whole list of status effects.

I just would like them to look at all of them and ensure that they apply to the opponent consistently.