No extra turn with Warhawk

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Cast and kill a troop with Warhawk does not triiger the extra turn even if the troop has Hunter’s Mark…

This is true, has happened to me as well.

Conditions that do any kind of comparison with status effects or skills that aren’t just damage will always fail if the target dies. Same with Orc Veteran and Silver Drakon. This is because they are attempting to run the comparison after the troop has died and you have nothing to compare it to. I assume they have some kind of comparison with null catch that always returns false for when these cirumstances arrive. In the case of Warhawk, status effects are cleaned up after the troop dies, which is presumably before the extra turn check occurs. Unsure if they could reorder the spell effects and have this be functional as I don’t know if “extra turn” has to be the last thing in a spell for it to actually grant the extra turn. This is another issue that could be solved if they would lock a troops living/dead state until a spell finished processing (along with Khorvash/Kraken’s third hit and other similar things).

I agree.

I am just not sure what is intended or not. I don’t have the source code but I think it should be possible to do the condition before the damage.

Though it would cause some issues with troops that destroy themselves (Dwarven Slayer and Bombot) since the destruction happens as part of the spell, if the enemy troop was locked as “alive” till afterwards we’d be back to the Life Drain trait making enemy troops invincible to these spells.