[Known Issue] Warhawk spell bug

Xbox 1.

The spell text states that if an enemy has a hunters mark they will take more damage and you gain an extra turn. The damage is working correctly, however if the enemy is killed, you do not gain an extra turn it bypasses you and goes to the enemy’s turn. I believe this is a mistake because the game is checking for the criteria for a target with hunters mark that was hit with the spell, but the target is dead and gone so it skips the extra turn. This is not how the spell is stated, the spell states they take extra damage AND gain an extra turn. My expectation based on how the spell is stated is that you should gain the turn even if you kill the target with the spell. Which is the point of doing damage.

I just noticed this today as I built a beast team and it has happened every time I kill an enemy that has hunters mark with the spell bind prey.

I’m using Falconer in the team to put on hunters mark as well as the warden class to apply the effect on 4/5 gem matches, and it appears to not apply the extra turn regardless of how hunters mark is applied.


This appears to be quite an old bug. :frowning: