Warhawk does't get extra turn


Android, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

I’m using the archer class, to place hunter’s mark on the enemies on 4 or 5 matches. The hunters marks appears as intended.
The warhawk’s ability says he gets an extra turn if it’s used on hunters marked enemy. But it isn’t.


To reproduce: use the warhawk.


Just tested this again - if the damage doesn’t kill, he does get the extra turn. He doesn’t get an extra turn if he kills. This was supposed to have already been fixed in a previous patch when similar abilities that check something on the enemy which deal damage were fixed (Orc Veteran, Silver Drakon), but what is happening here is that the secondary condition for extra turn isn’t checked until after he has dealt damage. If the damage is lethal, the enemy is dead when the condition is checked and therefore cannot fulfill the condition (in this case, they will never have hunter’s mark, because they are dead). Pretty annoying since in most cases, you won’t want to throw a basic damaging spell blocking mana at the front of the party unless it does lethal damage and an extra turn.


I have the same problem.


Yep hope this gets fixed soon


Hey thanks for pointing this one out, I’ve re-opened the bug report and added the details provided.