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[Reported] Blightwing's explode doesn't work if the target dies

Platform, device version and operating system:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I’m expecting Blightwing’s explode to function when used on a burned or diseased target. If the target dies from the damage, however, the gems don’t explode.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every single time I kill a burned or diseased target with Blightwing’s skill.

Steps to make it happen again
Deal skull damage to an enemy with Blightwing that can be diseased or burned, target the creature with Blightwing’s skill, make sure it deals enough damage to kill the target.


I was trying to get to a high enough level to collect these but you beat me to the report :slight_smile: I will add them anyway for some visual evidence.

Above is with explosions since troop lived.

Above is without explosions since troop died.


although i know troop text hardly ever reflects what its actually doing in order. in this case the dmg is listed first, once the dmg is done and the troop is dead, its not burning or diseased anymore.

i half expect the devs to tag this as “working as intended” , i guess its really going to be up to them on how they want the troop to behave.

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I’ve seen a similar issue a while back, and I don’t think it ever got fixed, where Warhawk gets denied an extra turn if his initial damage kills a target with Hunter’s Mark. Heres a bug report from 2018 (there are many support threads dated earlier, going back into 2017):

I don’t think the issue was ever resolved, but I don’t have time to check right now. Maybe someone can do a quick check to see if this is around, because it is almost certainly related. Warhawk is definitely still bugged, does not give an extra turn casting on marked enemies if his initial damage is lethal.

The core issue is the same in both - status effect condition checks always fail if the target dies before the check is made. This is either due to all statuses having been cleared by the death itself before the condition check is made or because the target is now “dead”, and targeting is lost.

A tangentially related issue was with Orc Veteran, where skill point compares would also fail past lethality. This was reported (Orc Veteran not creating red gems if enemy dies [fixed] - one of many) and was apparently fixed in 3.2.5 per thread responses (confirmed it is working correctly now). A similar consideration needs to be applied to status effects condition checks as was done to skill point condition checks for the effected troops (either the check and therefore secondary effect is done earlier in the spell order or the relevant data needs to somehow be “kept around” for condition checks like this).

And yes, the Warhawk issue was an accepted bug report a long time ago and was apparently on their internal issues list (per my first linked thread responses, not sure why it ever got dropped off since it is still unresolved) and this is the same cause, so this is a bug.


Having the same issue too. I hope this doesn’t stay as it is. The need for more board/mana functionality in bounty creatures is needed.

I mean, do we expect it to be fixed ever at this point?

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The devs could try and “fix” it by changing the mechanics of such troops so they can get extra turns/explode/do something else based on things like colors and enemy’s type. We face Stryxes this weekend, maybe Blightwing could explode 3 gems if the enemy is a Stryx, and then explode 3 more if said enemy is of a certain color.

But right now, it’s too little and too late to make such change in time before the event ends so I guess it’s the good old “Suck it up champs!”…