[NOT A BUG] Ice Fragment

I don’t have time to fill out a full report. Sorry.
But I don’t think Doom Skulls are activating this trait.

It would be weird if it’s intentional. And I can’t speak for last week’s troop since I never used it.

I’m on a Samsung Galaxy S21+, Android.

It also appears that the opponent gets the mana when causing the damage.

If that’s working as intended. Then why the hell would I use the troop in the first position if it’s going to reward the opponent when they do skull damage to me?

I asked prior to release how it was supposed to work.
Assuming it would be broken from release. So maybe I have confirmation bias and the troop got 7 mana from it’s first turn and then did skull damage at the same time.

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That kind of makes sense, the potion is created on opponents turn, when “I” am receiving skull damage. If the created potion matches with gems immediately, then it’s still during the opponents turn and they’d get the mana. If it doesn’t immediately match, then when I get my next turn, I get to use it for a match.

I don’t know that there’s a better way to do it? If it created the potion when dealing skull damage, it would just serve it up for the opponent to use in a match.

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It doesn’t have to be your turn to gain credit for Mana.

Again, if it’s working as intended then it’s just another failed gimmick with zero realistic strategy. It’s not wise to give the opponent a chance for an extra turn just to possibly give your team Mana.

First Gems that work against the player due to random transforms.
Then gems that work against the player by spawning random gems.
What’s next? Gems that crash your device on every 10th match?

Updates should improve games. But with GoW it’s been mainly down dates since patch 4.7

It is more of RNG updates, I think. Either you love it or hate it. I sometimes…I mean, most of the time I hate it.

Hey all,

Doom Skulls do activate Ice Fragment, both Doom Skulls and Uber Doom Skulls.

I originally thought they weren’t, when they would also take out Frozen Shieldbreaker in the same turn (testing with Uber Doom Skulls). But that was only the case when troop was destroyed before the trait could be triggered.

So, if Frozen Shieldbreaker is killed by a skull match, resulting in enough damage to kill it, the trait isn’t triggered because the Troop is dead…
But if they are killed by exploded skulls, the trait triggers. As it triggers in this order:

    1. Skull damage dealt
    1. Trait triggers
    1. Explosion damage
    1. Troop is defeated

As for the Potion Gem, if it is created on the same turn, and a match is also then created, the side that “attacked” Frozen Shieldbreaker gets the mana (as it would in the reverse). Assuming it is all created and matched in the same turn.
When the Potion Gem was left on the board, I only viewed it adding mana to whomever made the match…

If you have any more specific information that has been missed, please share!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


So it’s working as intended. But the intention is to give the opponent Mana for them doing skull damage against you…
giphy (10)

I would try to capture a video of Mana Potions not being created on Android (I’m assuming you tested it on PC). But Frozen Shieldbreaker is now dead to me.
Maybe I’ll record my matches against it when I see them in the world event though.

Regardless, I appreciate the quick response and the testing.

This reminds me a bit of the issue with Blightwing and Warhawk actually, in terms of resolution order:

From a textual logic perspective, since it says, “Create… when I take sSkull damage”, it seems a bit unintuitive for the game to effectively ‘say’ the troop hasn’t taken Skull damage just because it’s dead (I mean, it’s obviously just a flesh/crystal wound).

I get it from the effect resolution order perspective, though, and thank you for the explanation.

Was that aspect of the interaction working as intended? Not a life or death issue for me personally, although I can’t say the same for the Frozen Shieldbreaker!! :grimacing::stuck_out_tongue:

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My apologies. I misunderstood how the trait was supposed to work. It just throws a blue Mana Potion on the board. It doesn’t activate it.

I still see it as a liability more than helpful. But Doomskulls for sure transform a gem on the board to a blue Mana Potion so long as the troop isn’t killed in the process.

That being said.

@Jeto there’s at least one troop in the game. That’s trait definitely activates even when it dies based off skull damage. (Gloom Leaf)

And many traits activate due to death.

So though I was wrong about how the troop is bugged. The troops current operation is inconsistent with the rest of the game.

This totally goes against any other traits. If this is true then why any class with backup can summon a bandit when the hero dies? Also true for orbweaver’s summon trait.

Can you get the full resolution order from the devs? Seems like things work randomly.

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No pun intended… is talent a trait?


works the same

Btw I saw today when I killed frozen shieldbreaker in world event with skull dmg, it created a potion as a last act.

Watch to see Frozen Shieldbreaker create an ice fragment when it dies due to skull damage:

Watch to see Living Quartz create a stone fragment when it dies due to skull damage:

Watch to see Gloom Leaf when it dies due to skull damage and reflect 50% of skull damage:

Watch to see Mithrilion when it dies due to skull damage and reflect 75% of skull damage:

It looks consistent to me…

Explosion did not trigger the fragment trait vid:

Download the file and play it in slow-mo