[Reported] Broken troop - Warhawk Edition

If the troop you target has Hunters mark, but dies. Then you don’t get an extra turn.


Lol… there are so many dumb things like this in the game. For instance, Sir Mordayne, one of the best Siege troops because of Bloodlust (enrage when enemy dies), is also colossally useless because his “Steal 6 mana” doesn’t trigger if the enemy dies, which, when you’re targeting a tower, usually always happens. So basically, he kills a tower, enrages himself, that’s great, but you never get to steal any mana.

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Is dead or alive a question? :thinking:
Can you steal mana from a tower? :face_with_monocle:

you can not steal mana from a tower, which proves exactly @igniteice’s point - why design an anti tower troop that has an ability that is useless against towers?

Of course, so it isnt important if the tower dies or not, keep it simple.

Aren’t towers immune to mana drain?

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yes. Towers are invulnerable.
But Mordayne can attack any other than towers and still steal 6 mana.
As long as they are not Impervious/ Invulnerable.

He’s not draining mana, he’s stealing it. Different mechanics. At least I’m pretty sure… I mean, I always figured the target was dying and that’s why I was never stealing mana.

All forms of mana steal are an extension of mana drain and are blocked by the respective immunity. He actually steals the mana before dealing damage (despite what the spell text says) in order to prevent the issue of not gaining mana if the target dies. He’s not stealing mana from towers because towers are immune. This one is a design quirk, not a bug.

The thing brought up in the original post is a bug, though.

The issue of some checks or effects straight failing when the target dies bug reports go all the way back to 2017 (reported for Warhawk) and were reported as recently as this thread (reported for Blightwing, where I brought up Warhawk again):

Going to reiterate that the simplest fix for those spells affected would probably be alter the spell effects order to run the relevant check before the damage (in the case of blightwing, check statuses to explode first, then deal damage; in the case of Warhawk, check Hunter’s Mark for extra turn first, then damage, then check hunter’s mark for extra damage). That would hopefully remove the need change how things work universally in the code and just some new spell data would be pushed for a few spells.

Things that steal stats and deal damage were mostly altered in a similar way (despite what the spell text says for their respective spells), because you also can’t steal stats from a dead troop. Things that check skill points to see if they need to do a secondary non damage effect (Orc Veteran, Silver Drakon) appear to still run the damage portion first, but had a similar issue a long time ago where the secondary effect never worked if the target died and were fixed so their check works even if the target dies. Not sure if the check is actually run first and its some visual trickery or if the relevant data is kept around for the check to get run later, but this sounds like a more involved fix.