Khorvash vs Deathknight

Hi all,

Khorvashs spell killed Deathknight with true damage without stun him first. Deathmark killed my team afterwards.

Please stun before true damage, thx

edit: Presumably ‘Lion and Tiger’ has the same problem.


Agreed that stun should happen first.


A global change needs to be made so every spell or trait that inflicts a status is considered before “death” is considered, regardless of the order damage was inflicted in. Khorvash is not the only thing with this issue, nor is this the only bug caused by improper ordering of the death sequence. Crown of Anu’s effects could probably be reordered to fix this issue, but that leaves Wandering Monk out in the cold, since that spell effect cannot be reordered without fundamentally changing how it works (it would always deal double damage on non-thick head/impervious troops).


I agree. I didnt lose my match, but lost 2 out of 4 guys killing DK with Khorvash. Lucky the other 2 were impervious. Not that big of a deal, but nearly caused me to lose my GW match.

Death Knight wins, Khorvash looses his Chuck Norris status :imp:

Mithran is correct, it’s a global issue.

Chaging the processing order would not only fix the issue in the OP it would also fix things like skull damage killing a troop and then applying Entangle to another troop.


Unfortunately there are situations where changing order (effect first, damage later) would have a very serious impact, IMO not intended - e.g. any troop with Knockout would do the full damage to Gorgotha and such every time and especially Wondering Monk would always do double damage. But the effect should be definitely applied before the damaged troop dies.
So now it is:

  1. Deal damage
  2. Check if damaged troop died
  3. Apply status effect

Steps 2 and 3 should be swapped, not step 3 pushed all the way up.


Unfortunately only one blue creature can stun Deathknight.
So you have to take impervious, immunity troops or cleanse (mercy) afterwards.

edit: you’re right Gouki, presumably Lion and Tiger has the same problem.

2 troops and one hero weapon with blue colour actually.

Why would the example you give be a detrimental effect? That would give Wandering Monk an actual use.


Yeah it would fit for the monk because she is just so weak to not be broken with that change.
Scale Guards on the other hand…


I never said it would be detrimental - just serious and unintended. I just don’t believe the poor guy was ever intended to be useful ;).


She’s not a dude. :smiley:


Its basically the same thing I said, in that I’m pretty sure Wandering Monk is not intended to work that way. The death check is just in the wrong place, globally. Some spells already have the sequence of effects in a differing orders (eg., Kraken locks its targets, deals damage, then checks the final enemy for devour if it lives, Kerberos checks devour first and deals damage afterward)

Khorvash still wins, just randomly not if stun wears off super fast for whatever reason or avoids hitting the deathknight despite getting a bunch of match 4 or 5s. He’s still by far and I mean by FAR the best way to deal with deathknight, if you have access to all your troops and the fact that there is a trait that entered the game that basically says “stun this or make your team suck” overall is pretty concerning because of the how important it makes stun in these situations. The two “counter” options here are the necessity for more varied stunners, which would make stun even more commonplace and push trait based builds even further back (and they were already hurt enough by Khorvash’s introduction), or not introduce more stun options and have deathknight be the primary annoyance for the forseeable future. I mean, I’m fine with that for guild wars with the intent to make things seem like an uphill battle, but in normal PvP, I’m already sick of seeing it, even if it amounts to a speed bump with the “right team” because of how restrictive the “right team” is.

This issue is not a balance issue, though. If Khorvash were made to “deal x damage to the first two enemies, and stun them if they live” after the fact, then that can be addressed. But honestly, that sounds ridiculous.


You know… you’re right! I never noticed.
See how important she is?

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Such beautiful art wasted btw… she also is a testament to how much the Devs are Dragon supremacists!
She comes out being all weak and stuff, and then a short while after, Dragonian Monk comes, same rarity, better traits, and an incredibly awesome spell to boot, yeah sure Dragon power… i get it! :frowning:


yea i have the same issue with bone dragon - i get extra turn in skulls, then i hit him but somehow im not given an extra turn. but wait i wasnt frozen when i made the match, how does this makes sense?

and yes i know he freezes when hit by skulls, but the extra turn came first is what im saying

I don’t see it often but I see weird little glitches all the time, like:

Match 4 gives 3 mana even though I’m using a 1 or 2 color banner.
Matching 5 of X color (say red) in an L shape fills a troop of a different color.
Match 4’s or 5’s don’t give an extra turn.

Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

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I sometimes experience similar things, though i still haven’t made up my mind yet if i am just imagining it, or if it really happens.^^

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3 troops, 1weapon in blue and 3 troops in brown can stun.
Khopashi and Cobra are useless in endgame, Lion and Tiger has the same problem, so
Stonehammer (mythic to get) is my new friend :wink:

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