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Just Started and needing advice

I basically just started and only Level 9. I do understand some of the concepts and also know that I need to continue doing quests. But for the time being wanted to make sure I am understanding correctly about team synergy and composition.

If you could let me know if I am on the correct mindset and track that would be great. Here is the team I am currently running.

Herald of Chaos-Lvl 4
Sabertooth Lion-Lvl 5
Djinn-Lvl 4
Hero (Warriors Axe)

So I am thinking that Djinn can heal\boost Herald or Lion. I can use the Lion to kill out most mobs and use Herald as a tank and reduce a random skill by 2. The hero plays as clean up. Is this kind of going in the right direction of tank, support, attacker, tank line up?

Looks like you’ve got the right idea, you can read a lot about troop placement in the forum, dig around. It’s the sort of game that you learn by playing and early on it’s good to join a guild. You can join my guild if you like, Team Bezoar, post me your invite code, looks like xxxx-xxxxx on the join guild page. I’ll invite you then Team Bezoar should show up there after a bit. We’re not the best but will be grinding our way to the top eventually, with the right peeps!


Basically the typical damage taken is heaviest on first troop, second heaviest on second and last troops (last sometimes spikes higher due to skills from the opponent specifically targeting last troop).
That means that your MVP should be in third spot, always keeping in mind blocking colors.

In the beginning, simply having a team that uses all six colors and can convert all of that into damage is a good strategy, that way you can take the colors off the board of the opponent’s troops that you fear most and still dish out damage.

In my starting days the lineup of
Hero with red weapon
Atlanta (quest reward from Divinion Fields)
Goblin (common you got during the Broken Spire questline)
Luther (quest reward from Broken Spire)

Was suggested as a pretty good lineup. I am actually still using almost this team, right now it’s

Emperina (quest reward from Khaziel)

Which I do my PvP with. I’m lvl 150ish by now.
Ofcourse they are max levelled, the Goblin has been ascended twice and Luther has been fully traited (Leader and Armored help a ton), which does make a difference.

The Sabertooth Lion is a pretty good troop, especially if you can manage to do the killshot on each opponent troop with it. I haven’t gotten a good bearing on the Herald or the Djinn yet, so I can’t comment on those choices.


Also keep in mind that creatures from the same Race and same Kingdom will give varying bonus stats when you put them together in the same time. Once you are able to unlock Hero Class, you’ll also be able to give your Hero the specific Race/Kingdom attribute too in term of Team Bonuses.

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My only advice would be to quit before the madness of 3 match engulfs you completely…run foool :smiley:

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Thank you all for the advice it has been extremely helpful and insightful.

@Hairyskinback I tried to run but it also got installed on my xbox so there is no where left for me to go, :smile:

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One more question, I see a few cards that say deal 1 damage boosted by my Attack. Is that the attack of the hero or the card??

that is the attack of the card

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Would this be good:
Hero-bloody axe
green Seer

Try it and see :). Do you have Sunweaver yet? If so you could maybe switch her and Luther for each other

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I just realized how bad I am at matching games. Understandable, that was a bad question for me to ask. Just got a little frustrated. The ideas all seem to work in my head but execution is always different especially when dealing with a matching game.

Indeed, there are many,many different troop combinations that we can use now. Just try to keep in mind to have a variety of mana using troops in your line-up, or use characters that produce the desired mana color of your favorite troops. Also keep in mind that using troops from the same kingdoms will give boosts in bonuses. As @ctu1208 stated also.

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Early on it is very much a case of try it and see and there are realy no wrong builds at your stage as even failure adds to the learning experience. As you play you will find teams where you can feel how easily they flow into each other so keeping for want of a better term “the ball” under your control as you build to damage and kill.

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I think I am sitting good now. Sheggra is still whipping me up and down the volcano like I am her personal pinata. But I think I have settled on a partial team that uses their skills well. Doing:
Hero-Bloody Axe
Green Seer
Sabertooth Lion
Looking for someone that boosts magic and armor to maybe replace Luther. I don’t see the I see that the templar boosts armor which may be good. I will have to test it out. I know sparkgrinder gives attack and armor but seems like reading the boards no ones uses him anymore.

Again thank you all for the info and this game is fun and frustrating all at the same time :smile:

Try using a tank in the first spot, like Treant or another that absorbs skull damage by 50% against the skullies.

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@Macawi Doesnt that only work if you have the trait unlocked? I have not received enough stones yet to unlock any traits.

Yeah it does. I said that so you could keep it in your mind for a future tip. Until ya get to that point it might be wise to skip the skully teams for now.

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@Macawi Oh gotcha, my bad. I have moved on to Adana for now. Leveling some of my troops to just 6-7 for now.

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I use spark grinder and alchemist together for the tanking all the things

This thread is the closest (& most recent) I can find on my question.

I am having a ridiculously hard time completing the Warlord Training quest in Broken Spire that follows killing Sheggra (thought I’d be done after obtaining her heart). I am up to test of courage. Those monsters are so powerful! I cannot seem to put together a team that will finish them off. Any strategies for a beginner?