New Player Help Request

Hey guys, been playing for a bit less than a month, level 80ish. After a week or so of poor decisions I’ve been looking up teams and trying to spend resources correctly.
I’m in what seems to be an ok guild, but I’m not s
ure if they’re going to hit the 20k seals that would make it viable. We’ll see.
I’m pumping gold into my kingdoms as per Tacet’s guidelines.
I have dragon armor.
My problems that I am seeking help for:

  1. pvp is getting tougher. I’ve gone from ripping through people with
    Hero Cog+1 Titan class (just trying to get the 250 wins, then on to the next)
    Clockwork Sphinx
    Devoted (fully traited, I’ve messed around with a few troops here. Advice appreciated)
    To barely winning, and tapping out of several after bad boards.

I’ve tried
Hero or knight coronet (just got him)
And I find it really unreliable to keep the loop going.

  1. beating the 3rd dungeon. The rowanne team does best, but you just need to give up too many turns, it seems, which gives the AI time to charge up.

In any case, it just seems like I’m missing a key player on most of the quick and/or survivable teams out there and I was hoping some of you guys might take a look at my collection and whip me into shape. Thanks very much for reading.

Keeper of Souls is easily your strongest and most reliable troop at the moment. That plus Sheggra is a reasonably strong combo with a solid, specific win condition. I would suggest keeping those - you don’t have to level them any higher or trait them - and add Apothecary to generate brown for them both (Deep Borer is good too, Apothecary just has better color coverage and the very useful cleanse).

Whichever troop you have in front should have the best stats you can get it since that’ll be doing all the skull work. Hero, or something you’ve traited to have Stoneskin like Knight Coronet, up to you but don’t throw all your souls away on a lead you’re not sure of.

I’d say Hero(Yellow/something), Apothecary, Keeper, Sheggra. +2 brown banner or +1 blue +1 green banner or your preference. Class also your preference, but if you have Archer it will absolutely melt them with the Hunter’s Mark talent.

Worth noting, of course, that this will do literally almost nothing to the Stonehammer boss with 100% skull resistance. Just use Rowanne on that one until you come up with something better.


Thank you for the tips. I’ve definitely been looking to get keeper in the fight. The teams I’ve cobbled have been weaker than Rowanne so far, but your suggestions have some good insight. I’ll mock up a team and let you know how it rolls.

I see you have Dwarven Gate and Tesla - 2 Gates, Valkyrie and Tesla is a combo that can beat any dungeon. Gates keep protective barriers on your team and Tesla’s damage output increases with armor - the more armor on the field, the harder Tesla hits.


Ok, yeah. I totally just pulled Tesla today and was gonna look at some stuff. I’ll run a couple of arenas and level em up a bit.


clockwork Sphinx
Hero (bard) /w wrenchmaster

I know you dont have wrenchmaster but i can be obtained during this weeks Adana event.
It has the same gimmick as your Rowanne team. boost armor and blast away

Egg Theif
Skeleton Key

That is a great team