Just another day in Bug Wars

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I thought freeze trait makes the AI lose its turn when frozen. Here we have a 4 skull match, followed with a 4 green match, followed with a 5 skull match Cascade drop for the AI… And the AI retained it’s turn despite being frozen.
What are the steps to make it happen again?
Be doing really well in your match. And the AI will find a way to deduct points from you. If it can’t do it from just Cascades of Skulls, it will straight up cheat. But it’s not cheating cause it’s a bug. :person_shrugging:
Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
Of course I do! Cause I have to record every guild wars match because the mechanics are usually broken. :grinning:

I had to cut down the GIF to 2 seconds but I ended up losing my first troop due to 4 skulls , 5 Skulls, and a cast from Grapplepot. What “bad luck” I had. :thinking::clap:

Haven’t heard anything back on this bug either.

3 days of wars…2 days of bugs. Probably had bugs yesterday and I didn’t catch them. Sorry I’m only human.

Guild mate said same thing happened on xbox, all goblins frozen and no bend got extra turn after spell cast.

Only Grapplepot was frozen, so if there was any purple/brown/red/blue 4+ match in that cascade an extra turn is still granted,

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I also saw that. It seems that doomskulls always give extra turn (even with frozen troops in 1st slot).
Maybe it happens when the match is a mixed of skulls + doomskulls…

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you can clearly see that there is a red match four in the cascade. Having said that, I’ve had numerous times recently where I was not frozen, and did not get an extra turn on matching four.
Edit: I’m sorry, it is not that clear. I take it back.

Tbh I have seen it happen with Grapplepot when she was frozen by Glaycion and she was the only troop left, but didn’t record it.

Also when doing a 5 match which is a mix of horizontal and vertical gems, swiping to the left sometimes does not grant an extra turn. Rare, but happened too often for fat fingers and enemy was four firebombs!. So now I am always going right!

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I’ve watched it numerous times and don’t see anything but green matches and skulls.
The top right has a 5 gem skull match. Has to be otherwise it wouldn’t trigger the words “critical hit”.

I watched it at least 50 times. I wouldn’t report it on the Forums if there was any evidence of such a match occuring. You, as well as everyone here, can see the beginning and the ending of the turn.
I’m not a fan of sharing builds to the public… So believe me. I know for sure it’s a bug.

I thought it was a vertical red 4-match. But looking again I guess it is not so clear. sorry.

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Dude, there’s an edit button.

It’s the one that looks like a pencil.

Things get weird when the same thought’s plastered across multiple posts.

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Am I missing something??

Not quite sure how this is working. I had a battle with gnomes, think it was one treasure and three pet gnomes. I used Glaycion, Ish, Skadi and Bloodhammer. The first two opponents are gone, leaving two pet gnomes - green only.

I froze them both with Skadi, there was a doomstorm in progress. I watched gnome one match skulls and gain an extra turn, whilst frozen. I wasn’t sure how it got an extra turn so I set a video going as I thought it was odd. I let ai take a turn with a match 3 normal skulls on board, both frozen. They match 3, but two critical skull matches, mix of normal and doom fall from sky and then the gnome takes 3 further turns on none green colours, matching 4 brown, 4 yellow and 4 blue.

My understanding of frozen is matching skulls when the skullmatcher is frozen hands the turn back. However if there was a match 4 of none colour as well in that sky fall match would that mean the turn still stays with the opponent? I suppose you can’t freeze from the sky falls as it is part of the turn, no problem, but it is allowing turns to cary on when the chain falls, exploding skulls into 4 none colours to carry the turn on?

It sure would be nice if the “game log” feature I’ve touted were implemented.

No only would it help prevent the ever-present “video or it didn’t happen”, it’d also provide a detailed account of the game state to help devs debug it for the situations where we have video yet there’s still zero response.

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Yes. I have used that to my advantage several times when my guy is frozen and I make a match or cast a spell, hoping for a 4+ match in a non-color, because I would lose otherwise if the Ai got the next turn :slight_smile: