[NEED MORE INFO] 4 brown!!! l lost my extra round twice in guild war

none brown card in my team and that happened twice
buy the way when we cancel this stupid guild war?
why all bugs highly chance happened guild war?

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Oh is guild war still on? I don’t play it anymore to avoid frustration.

You’re going to need to be much more specific about what you think happened and what you expected to happen.

“4 brown”
“I lost my extra round twice”
“none brown card in my team”

You’re going to need to elaborate on that…


As with all gameplay problems, if you have the ability to capture video (preferably after the fact, like on Switch where it is always buffering the last 30 seconds) then do so, so that we can analyze the footage and figure what actually happened and if anything went wrong.

Because judging by the description it sounds like you (1) matched 4 or more Brown Gems but (2) did not get an Extra Turn. Which is actually expected if you have a Brown troop on your team who is Frozen, but you also say that (3) you didn’t have any Brown troops in your team.


Could you perhaps list the troops you were using? Without any screenshots, detailed description or video it is impossible for anyone to know what happened if it was a bug or a simple mistake somewhere. The devs and fellow players need something to go off of to pinpoint the issue and if there is a bug rectify it. Without any of that there can be no actual resolution to your post.

When multiple 4+ matches happen and multiple colors, only the last one counts.
For example:
You have read troops and they are frozen, and you do a mana generation move and multiple matches happen in multiple colors if the last 4+ match is a color you do not have you get an extra turn. This works the other way too.

It’s MUUUCH easier to just vid capture/record so that we all can see what’s actually happening.

I don’t believe that’s how it works. At least not from my experience.

What I believe happens is that every 4+ match runs a check. (Also, casting a spell that grants an Extra Turn as part of it’s powers.) Frozen status will nullify the extra turn, whether it’s a Frozen Goblin not generating one with his/her spell, whether it’s a Frozen tank unit matching 4+ skulls at a time, or whether it’s a 4+ match of a color where the active player has at least one Frozen troop with that color.

A practical example: Let’s say I’m running the Blue Goblin team I use in PvP (and Blue Guild Wars day). It’s comprised of Toadsqueezer / Gobtruffle / Arboreal Crystal (Elementalist, not Thief) and Irongut. Let’s further say that Gobtruffle and Irongut have been Frozen (Toadsqueezer immune due to Impervious, the Hero due to Insulated).

A 4+ skull match would trigger an Extra Turn, unless Irongut or Gobtruffle were shifted to the front of the queue. A 4+ in Red would trigger an Extra Turn (Toadsqueezer), as would a 4+ in Purple (Arboreal Crystal). But a 4+ Yellow/Brown would get an Extra Turn voided by Irongut being Frozen, a 4+ in Green would get voided by Gobtruffle being Frozen, and a 4+ in Blue would get an Extra Turn voided because of both of those Frozen troops – even though Toadsqueezer and the Hero are also Blue and not Frozen.

And if multiple 4+ matches happen? The order isn’t important. You just need one of the “valid” colors to trigger an Extra Turn, even if there are dozens of 4+ matches that get nullified. It doesn’t matter if the “valid” match is first, last, or somewhere in between.

As for the TC? We don’t have nearly enough information to go on. We have his word that he matched 4+ gems and the extra turn didn’t happen, but none of the supporting information to help us determine if this is legit or a bug. We don’t know if he has Frozen troops nullifying the Extra Turn. Or if he didn’t actually match 4+ gems. Or if it’s a bug.

That’s why the video evidence is so important. Because a lot of these situations come down to something that the Player overlooked and everything really is working the way it is supposed to.

Sounds correct. Phrased another way:

1 - if you match a color for which at least one matching troop on your team is Frozen (whether or not they are the one actually collecting it), the extra turn is denied.
2 - If you match Skulls but your 1st Troop is frozen, the extra turn is denied.
3 - Extra Turns from spells are always denied if the caster is frozen.

4 - If multiple 4- or 5- matches occur during a turn (either simultaneously or as a combo), if any one of them is from a non-frozen color you will get an extra turn.

In all cases, pay attention to your audio: If you hear that icy “ting” sound effect (the same sound FX also used for stat reductions/debuffs) then it means that no Extra Turn was generated from the match.

And beware bringing a Troop/Weapon with all six colors, because if they get frozen then ALL colors are frozen.

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I can’t tell if this is the same issue but i posted to my guild chat about this. In GW for brown day i went against a standard flammifer team. On the first turn i got lucky with a bunch of match 4s. No one on my team was frozen to begin my game. On about my 4th or 5th match i matched 4 brown gems and was surprised to see i lost my turn, and realized my king bloodwood was frozen now. I lost as my opponent went to town and i didnt get a turn back till half my yeam was gone and the others nearly dead. I rematched the same opponent. I was very careful to check after what happened the last time and none of my troops were frozen to begin the match, as i know sunspear could have snapfreeze. I again got lucky to start with multiple match 4s on turn 1. This time i noticed that after my 2nd or 3rd match of 4 gems, one of my troops got frozen on my own turn. I dont recall the color though. I won this time easily bc i cast grey king instead of choosing a match 4 of my frozen troops color but this definitely seemed like a bug to me bc as far as i know their team had no ability to freeze the opponent in the middle of the opponent’s own turn.

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Do not believe it, test it! I saw multiple times this phenomenon. When you explode the whole board and you have multiple 4 matches and last one is of a color which doesn’t matter for you you get the extra turn.

Ok I brought this up in my guilds discord…I thought I might have been sleepy this morning. I went up against a Yao team today, and had something like this happen. No one on my team was frozen, and I took a blue extra turn. Then a Red extra turn. Then another red extra turn, and lost my turn because suddenly someone on my team was frozen. I was confused, because normally I would say I was just sleepy, but I am almost certain I did two red extra turns back to back before suddenly I was frozen…

Same for me. A 5 yellow match, got only one yellow unit, not frozen, and I lost my turn.

This is a nice clue … given it was “brown day”, was there a Bone Dragon on the enemy team? Its 3rd trait (Frozen Soul) inflicts Frozen when receiving Skull Damage and thus can cause a troop to become unexpectedly Frozen between matches, denying you an Extra Turn.

That being said, if you have a setup like this:

  • Match e.g. 5 Yellow Gems (extra turn) with a lead Yellow troop
  • Combo occurs and deals skull damage to a fully traited Bone Dragon
  • No extra turn is given

…then that WOULD be a bug because the extra turn was granted BEFORE the troop became frozen.

So again, if we can get video confirmation then please.

No there was no bone dragon on the other team. It was a standard flammifer team, with sunspear hero w flammifer, yao gui, tai pan, and queen titania.


The order doesn’t matter at all as explained by kezef and stratelier

Well, Sunspear has access to Snap Freeze but that would be obvious … I don’t have Flammifer myself so I can’t research what its upgraded effects are (i.e. +6 through +9) and nothing else stands out as relevant. Hmm.