Is this game a bit buggy?

So the other day I was playing GOW of course… and I thought that one time during a match I saw that I matched a 4 of a kind and I didn’t get another turn.

At first I was thinking I must have misread the board or something. But tonight I noticed it again. I did a spell that changed a bunch of gems to blue with the specific intent to get a 4 of a kind. And, WHAT?! the enemy turn!??! In the same match I did it again with another spell that converts BLUE to RED and it happened again? Now I am convinced that either I am missing something about the mechanic of matching 4 or 5 gems, or this game’s cheatin!

Another interesting thing happened in the exact same match. The enemy cast Aura of Ice on my last troop and it did… nothing! No damage lost, not frozen, nothing.

Any ideas?

This can occur when experiencing slowdown or if your connection is poorly synced.
Many bugs in this game can be attributed to not being able to process an action correctly due to lag spikes.


Are you sure you didn’t miss your extra turn because one of your troops (that use the color mana you 4-matched) was frozen. Your first troop doesn’t have to be frozen to miss your extra turns, having any troop that uses that particular color (of a 4 or 5 match) frozen will cause you to miss your extra turn.


That must have been it. I was playing the frozen kingdom. The enemy was always trying to freeze me. I totally forgot that side effect. Thanks!

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It took me a long time to figure out how the frozen mechanic works. Sometimes the game does a poor job of explaining the mechanics (either that or I’m bad at noticing lol)