🐞 Wars (less than 10)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
All 150 matches are done by my guild. Yet it’s showing 149. Most likely the same for our opponent.
What are the steps to make it happen again?
Play guild wars every 3 weeks. Something will be wrong with it.
Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
Why yes, I do.

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Who is that person with 9633 points and what team did they use?

Hard pass (less than 10)


No call outs haha


Nor build vulchers. :wink:

How I read this…^^^
“Hey what’s your hot girlfriends name and can I get her digits?”
Like c’mon man…


Do the points total correctly?

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The total based on those screenshots is 254,163.


Tru Dis, but even if ya told me what team they used it would be like handing someone paint, brushes, and a blank canvas. Takes an artist to make a masterpiece. I was just wanting to know what paint colors to use.

Also props to having a hot girlfriend, lol

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That is correct. And that is what would worry me more.
There have been similar problems last year. The total of the battles was wrong (usually a first battle that was not taken into account or one first battle too many). Since I realised this I always check each GW day that the total of the 30 scores is equal to the score of the guild in the rankings.
Apparently it is not useless. All the guilds in a situation similar to yours should check too.

Last year the first battle was worth 1200-1300 points now it’s 3200-3300 points.
Despite my proof in what the Score will be. And me alerting the devs right after it happened. It still won’t be fixed. As far I’ve been told. Scores are too complicated to adjust. So it’s worth upsetting at least 30 players than take the time to fix something they broke.
(Any ideas or thoughts in this post are that of my own. They do not reflect the words said by any dev to me. In neither a public nor private conversation.)

Yes… I didn’t bother submitting a ticket the last time it occured. It seemed to be useless.

Since it’s a “bug”… I can’t waste my time with a ticket. Instead I get to waste my time posting it on the forums.

8 months later…zero response from the devs. 🤷

It could be that that bug got fixed. I never actually bothered to see all the results.
Also, I think it would be better to put this in the Bug Report section or just submit a ticket to guarantee a response.


Any news about this?

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All the reports I do now are under the bug section. But I’ve recently wondered whether this category has any point or not if it’s not going to be checked by the devs.
I forgot about it until today when I got a badge alert for it.
And if they did fix it. They should say something in the patch notes or on this thread.
How else will let know if they “saw it”?

There are actual features that come out and aren’t mentioned in the patch notes. Remember all the Soulforge updates? We had to figure out they happened a month later, and I got in an argument with a dev about it because we’d had no notice.

The only way to know if this is still happening is to keep playing and see if it happens :confused:


Hey, this is the only report we’ve had of this, are you still experiencing the issue?