Bug Wars February 2022 Edition

= 3 matches for each guild just didn’t count. :person_shrugging:

each day, the 3 lowest scores get dropped

It’ll still show 150/150 matches completed on Taransite. So I’m willing to guess the point total for each is actually only 144 matches.

(But proving such a thing seems like a waste of time for me. The devs can go in and see the bug if they so choose.)

As far as was communicated the daily total is the sum of the 27 best individual daily scores. This was a community request that actually got implemented, to allow up to 3 players to not participate without the guild dropping ranks.

The numbers shown in awryan´s screenshot should not be related to the drop of the 3 lowest scores. The game ignores the 3 lowest scoring players, not the lowest scoring fights. So if a guild does all of its 150 daily battles, 135 battles (5 battles per player, 27 players) add up to the daily total score.

I have seen the 147 also for my guild, when I checked the number this morning (and also for our opponents, if I remember well). However, I didn´t take a screenshot, because we had a player leave our guild yesterday and I thought, maybe that was confusing the system.

Seeing the same numbers for other guilds now, I would guess, that either A W Ryan and Narkomani also had at least one player leaving them yesterday - or there was something wrong with the numbers of the last guild wars day. Would be interesting to know, if there was “only” something wrong with the sum of total battles or if the total daily points are also wrong :thinking:


4 hours prior to reset AWR was at 30/30. However, Narkomani was at 28/30 so your theory has legs.

Same for our guild. 149/150 on Tuesday and Friday.
This issue with incorrect GW scores has been around for YEARS.

I had a hope that it would be solved during the December GW scoring bug. But, apparently, adding more passes is more important (sarcasm).