Journey to the Crest

Yes. But if Sacrifice is in the last spot at the beginning you won’t be able to repeat that…

Ah I see. Then you are correct!

Now it explodes 16 random gems but only deals 8 of damage - full statistics - and boost ratio 3X instead of 4X.
In short, this weeks it has 25%+ as a dragon and 25%+ as a mystic, and it hits as it did before. Weekly boosts gone, it will be more or less a 7o% as powerful as it once was.
And I don’t understand why, all the new legendaries are ridiculously strong, so why handicap this one?

I actually agree, was just in a hurry above: it’s what I meant by scale sensibly… its damage should be lower overall, especially at low levels… the fixed point per dragon ally is nuts at low levels…

(Was just highlighting that the other AoE dragons get stronger, while TDS is stuck at 20 even with double bonuses)

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I wonder if Dragontaur would work in the last slot instead of Shadow Dragon in your Egg/Krys/Sacrifice team. Its trait specifically says 25% chance to SUMMON Dragonette on death.

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It does, actually, but there’s a bug in the spell description that makes it look like he’s capped at 20 damage - while in fact he does Magic+4 (before boost from removed gems).

When was it ever x4? it was X3 ever since he came out. It sounds like you claim there was a nerf, but no such thing ever happened.

TDS is plenty strong. He explodes most of the board, deals AOE damage (comparable to other legendaries when in a full dragon team) and gain souls. Compare his spell to that of Gorgotha or Behemoth, and you’ll see there’s nothing to complain about.


you could use dragon egg, loyalty, sacrifice, anything for snotstones farming. loop sacrifice with dragon egg. use loyalty to beef up dragon egg. if you get tired and doesn’t want to play anymore, summon baby dragon. tranform into something good (hopefully), and use it. if not, sacrifice and try again.

fight with easy opponent. do it early when your pvp rank is still low, so you get a better variety of easy opponent.

I haven’t set a one-troop defense team as of yet but I’m wondering if this would be the week to do it. Give other people the opportunity to farm snotstones…

Agree. Never thought I’d see a (supposedly serious) post asking for TDS to be buffed!

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to be honest i love the fact his damage is not magic-dependant

at least one non-webbable aoe unit :stuck_out_tongue:

and i dont mind early levels having some more decent damage dealer if lucky to get him


I don’t, I use him like crazy.

This week’s event is easy. Black beast plus Krys and I got all my snots within 49 pvp battles. And it’s still only Monday!

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Would be cool if we got additional rewards after completing the firsr 6 set of event points tasks. For example a gem key for every 100 event points after completing all 6 tasks?


That was easy

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Just wanted ti clarify this:
Resurrection on TDS works and counts towards event points from summoning.

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How many hours did it take? :slight_smile:

Also of note, you get any event stones earned even in a loss

I got 100 Event Gems in 2 hours using
Dragon Eggs/Humility/Sacrifice/Any Troop.

Around 3 - 4 hours.

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After I got bored of normal PvP and just wanted to finish the event I went in to casual PvP and refreshed until I got Bone Dragon and just kept summoning Silver Drakons and kept letting Bone Dragon kill them. When Krystenax died I lost the match on purpose and was getting 4 - 5 event gems from that.

Also if you are using a full dragon team you still get the 5 glory even for losses.