CONSOLE: Journey to the Crest

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Monk see, Monk do.

New Troop: Dragonian Monk

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The White Dragonians gravitate to a life more serene and contemplative than many of their colored brethren.

While many of them choose to become priests, worshipping the Dragon Soul, some still feel the call of battle, and elect to become Monks, blending both monastic and martial practices.

Spring Imp will be available as a bonus glory troop.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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Anyone know what arcanes come with this troop?

It should be Arcane Mountain (Brown/Yellow).


Beat me to it. Yes should be Mountain :slight_smile:


Sirian is getting these done early since it’s labour day in oz lol

thank you!

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MOUNTAIN - Yellow/Brown(179) - Drifting Sands
Anubite Warrior 3
Cockatrice 2
Desert Mantis 3
Dragonian Monk 3
Dust Devil 2
Famine M 21 (+ 21 Forest)
Gard’s Avatar M 21 (+ 21 Storm)
Gob-Chomper E 12
Gorgotha L 16
Keghammer E 12
Lady Sapphira E 12
Lil’ Johnny Bronze E 12
Mongo E 12
Rakshanin 3
Sacred Guardian 3
Satyr Musician 3
Steam Turret 2
Stonehammer M 21 (+ 21 Shield)
The Great Maw L 16
Wolf Knight 2

Also take this, an overview over which troops that takes the stone.


Actually it’s not :wink: We had our labour day back in March for Victoria (varies a bit from state to state). This is actually the same time they usually are I think? Maybe the DST change for Aus a few weeks ago is making it seem earlier?


Yes it’s same time then usual

Seemed like the same time for me here in America.

Fiance says it’s only labour day in queensland today.

And Northern Territory apparently. But yeah, public holidays being different in different states is confusing as hell for me, and I live here!

Back on topic: Hope you guys enjoy monk! He actually gets seen quite a bit in TDS teams on PC.

I will give it a try probably this week, he should get +25% bonus, might be interesting

I’d bet the Monk will get +50% this week. +25% Kingdom and +25% from Dragon or Mystic…

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I THINK it was mystic for PC/Mobile, but I’m running on memory here, so don’t quote me on that.

Courtesy of Ashtender’s site:

JOURNEY TO THE CREST (03/05/17 – 03/13/17) - Dragonian Monk
WEEK OF THE MYSTIC - All Mystics gain +25% to their Skills.
WEEK OF THE DRAGON - All Dragons gain +25% to their Skills.
BONUS GLORY - Use a full Dragon Team in PVP to gain 5 bonus Glory.
POPULATE OR PERISH - Help Visk repopulate Dragon’s Claw by summoning Dragons in PVP.


I’m running some Traitstones numbers for myself… and this is going to hurt considering Monk is an UR and will only be giving 1 Mountain per Glory Pack.

@EnsignGarak ty but some bonus from console differ from pc, it will probably be dragon claws 25% and +25% dragon or mythic

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Thanks @Rickygervais. I was just posting what was available for PC/Mobile at the time this event was run there. No guarantees that it will be exactly the same.

Just trying to be helpful…


When has the console event been different than the PC/Mobile?