CONSOLE: Journey to the Crest

@EnsignGarak yeah i know sorry if it sound rude it wasn’t my intention :slight_smile:

@Stan i will need to check, i will let you know

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That’s cool. I hadn’t been carefully tracking - I just assumed they wouldn’t bother changing anything since it would just make more work.

snow-body love me on pc was +25% fey and +25 % divinion fields and console was 25% fey and +25% glacial peaks

my little unicorn pc was 25% silverglade and 25% mythic on console it was 25% silverglade and 25% fey

THE RIGHT TO ARM BEARS pc was 25% elemental and 25% giant, console was 25% stormheim and 25% beast


There have been a few differences.

EDIT: @Rickygervais is actively editing his post making this one seem short and curt… so I added this edit :slight_smile:


How about doing this for PC as well?

I’m using 4 troops from dragon’s claw for the daily task complete ten battles with 4 unique troops from the same kingdom - dragon soul, visk, dragonian monk and dragotaur and its not registering any wins.

Okay, I unlocked the 3 Visks by playing 2 Baby Dragons and 2 Dragon Eggs and losing a lot in PvP :laughing:

My current record recursive Baby Dragon summoning is:
BabyDragon summons Baby Dragon summons Baby Dragon :laughing:

Now I can start doing PvP with the team that everyone uses : Krystenax - Dragon Soul - Venbarak - Sylvanimora :wink:

So any dragons this week :dragon:

Just got 14 glory for one pvp battle. That seems, high.

If you do the math that is perfectly normal.

For example
3 Trophy PvP +6
Revenge +3
Bonus Glory +5

Equals 14 Glory

Spring Imp will be available as a bonus glory troop.

Thanks, @Nimhain!

@EnsignGarak just to let you know your info was correct and are same then console :slight_smile:


@Rickygervais @EnsignGarak


Nice @Strat!

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