Journey to the Crest

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Monk see, Monk do.

New Troop: Dragonian Monk

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The White Dragonians gravitate to a life more serene and contemplative than many of their colored brethren.

While many of them choose to become priests, worshipping the Dragon Soul, some still feel the call of battle, and elect to become Monks, blending both monastic and martial practices.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Nice looking troop!

Weekly, and so far futile, request for weekly troop boosts and event goes here…



This guy reminds me of the song, ‘Everybody was Kung Fu fighting’


Ok what the heck. The monk can target destroy an X shape, but dragonian rouge cannot?

Other than that I love this new troop surprisingly.


  • nice new troop, cool art and effect
  • dragon teams getting a buff and +5 Glory at the same time


  • TDS getting +50% but no more spell damage - time it was redesigned to scale sensibly?
  • dragon summoning event for Snots? you’re kidding right…
  • …and the bug that blocks summons if you don’t start with a full team has not been fixed: I might humbly suggest please no more summon for prizes events until that’s fixed?

Dragonian Monk is one of my favorite new troops in a long time. Excellent mana colors, uses “destroy in an x shape” which I’ve previously said we need more troops using (in my Dwarf Hero Class thread), Immunity to Deathmark counters a certain meta-build very nicely, need to hit yellows in an X with casts keeps you thinking (and in a way other troops don’t require), etc etc. Great job, devs :slight_smile:


Yeah this Event will be a PITA. Thought I would try Baby Dragon to see if a Transform would work like a Summon for Event Gem purposes…no dice :frowning:

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That doesn’t work either? Just great…

More so for those of us that spend half our week soul/trait stone farming - there isn’t anything event wise for us other than buff dragons.

I’m intensely unhappy with what was done to Soul of the Dragon.

I don’t follow? What did they do to the dragon soul?

Played a bunch more matches with Monk. Being able to target a specific stone with the “destroy an x” is surprisingly fun. You obviously have to look for yellow stones but there are other things you can do such as looking for 4-matches, setting up favorable board layouts, etc. It really adds more of a puzzle feel to the matches. Outstanding addition to the game.


OK, so I was really considering skipping this event altogether, but since I’m using Kryst-Kryst-TDS-something almost exclusively recently I decided “what the hell” and placed the Black Beast in the last spot. Matches are a bit longer (than with Sylvanimora or the new dragon for +5 Glory, not to mention Gard), but I managed to average 2 stones/battle so far instead of 1/5 or 1/10 this team manages with one of these troops. I think it’s worth it, but it definitely won’t be my most favourite event… :wink:

I think this week’s event is the Devs way of telling us that Krystenax and Sacrifice are a fun and lethal combination!

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Yup. Anything-Krystenax-Green Seer-Sacrifice. Might be kind of slow, but it does solve the “how do I summon dragons when I need all four slots filled?” problem.

I forgot about Sacrifice. Unfortunately it kills only the last troop, so if it’s in the last spot you won’t get another summon. But hey, let’s check it out :slight_smile:

Just as well. I forgot that a Silver Drakon would mana-block both Seer and Sacrifice. I guess shift everything up by one and place the “Anything” at the bottom. Maybe Mercy for a quick-start?

Edit: bother. Krystenax’s damage doesn’t scale with its magic. That was a long battle with extremely few purple gems for only two snotstones.

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i agree with everything except one point:

i dont think TDS needs a magic-scaling dmg buff

  • his role is also support -mana filling so i dont think he needs to be the main and on-top damage dealer

Not sure if I understand correctly but sacrifice kills the last spot and then Krystenax summons into that spot

I use something with magic link to get sacrifice started quicker but mercy is good too. Or dragotaur which has a chance of summoning a dragonette when he’s killed. My team is:

Dragon eggs
Shadow dragon
Unicorn banner (+2 purple +1 yellow)

I only take it out against super weak opponents though! A more viable PvP team would have Krystenax at the top and no dragon eggs - possibly another Krystenax instead.

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