New feature- Gem counter

I’m glad they implemented this but, is it working right? For instance, why do I need to know how many yellow gems are on the board when Dragonian Monk is ready to cast? The most important aspect to his cast is the placement of Gems on the board. Not exactly how many there are. Now Krystanex on the other hand would benefit from this feature 100 %. But it’s not a feature for him. Any reason why? I thought the point of this was to help speed up the process. Well I’m still having to count to see if I have more of one color than another. Those 2 gems extra that yellow has over green might be the boost I need to take out the enemy entirely. But since I’m manually counting I may miss it. And no. I’m not too lazy to count. I just figured that this makes no sense what so ever. I need a counter for KRYS. Not Dragonian Monk. There are probably more troops that have not received a counter that should have it. I only noticed this because obviously I love my dragon team and I battle with them quite often. Any feedback would be great thank you.


Yes, I agree that the gem counter shows up on some troops where it doesn’t really matter. Dragonian Monk is a perfect example. The double-converters (like Sekhma, Infernal King, etc.) show 4 different counts, but the raw gem count for those 4 colors doesn’t matter, only the alignment.

For me, it is still a welcome addition, though. For the troops where it does make sense, it is there (Queen Mab sends her thanks), and I can ignore it on the ones where it doesn’t. I think the only ones where it might be nice to have where it doesn’t show up are ones where 6 or 7 colors would need to be counted (like Krystenax, Tyri, Abynissia, etc.), and I can see why aesthetically they might not want to add a 6 or 7 color count on the screen.


Based on what I can guess from how this feature was developped, they just forgot to transcode some joker values that mean “any gem color” and “any gem (including skulls)” or even “any gem but gems of X color” (I’m looking at you, original Guild Guardians).
Since they aren’t transcoded, the feature isn’t able to understand, for example, that someone using Krystenax’s spell would want to get the data on all gem colors.

As for it displaying data for Draconian Monk, well, the data sure doesn’t hurt although it doesn’t help much.
It is displayed because the feature automatically detects that this spell is related to the mana color yellow. No other check is done as to what the spell actually does.
I can see how running other checks would be pure pain in the ass.


A good example of where it needs to show up with all gems is Sacrifice. I have to count the gems on the board to know which one I am going to create more of in additional to purple, having the count of all gems other then purple would be really nice.

Good idea OP.


Easy solution to that IMO. Just show the color that has the most gems. If I do not want to use the color then I can count from there. And I agree. Very much welcome for this addition to the game. However, it would just be so awesome if I didn’t have to count. Maybe this will be looked at again in the future. I thought that I would share my thought is all…not trying to sound unappreciative.


None of the guild wars troops have a working counter either, they really should have one. Yeah it’s easy to count 13 gems but it’s supposed to tell you onscreen now and it doesn’t.


The current implementation is maintenance hell, you have to keep updating it all the time with new troops.

Just add a setting to options to show the gem summary, and have it always on the screen for all gem colors and skulls. You could hide it or fade it out a little while it’s not your turn, and only show it when it’s time to make a move.
That way the numbers aren’t constantly changing, and you only have to update it after every player move or ai turn.

If people don’t like it, they can leave it off.
Those who do like it, have all the info all the time.
And the developers never have to look at it again.

Win - win - win…


Plus a hundred! Great idea.


Completely agree with Mad_Butch. Have as an option that you can have all the time. No need to debate which troops should have it. No need to worry about future troops that should have it or not. No need to add it or remove it for troops that get reworked.

I think clockwork knight shows 6 colours. Add skull count to that and have it available for all troops.

Just my thoughts on this.


I’ll take any of these suggestions. :smile:

Yup. This is the way to go. Devs, right here.


Can we get this moved to the feature request category?
Please @Saltypatra


Kudos to all of the replys!

I moved it it feature requests.


Why does Night Terror have it on blues?

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Night Terror used to remove Blue for damage. Must be leftover. That being said, Sylvanimora counts Green for no apparent reason…

I’m fine with it being used on any troop for any color of gem they could potentially use or modify with their spell. If this means adding all six colors and skulls to universal removers, converters, spawners and exploders, so be it. Things like Dragonian Monk also having it? Not a problem in my book.

Or they could just be on anything at all times as was stated above.


I posted a suggestion in the QoL-thread a couple of months ago: