Journey Miles Data

Journey Miles

I know I said Journey events would be my week off from being a math nerd but I can’t help it :see_no_evil:


Pathfinder @ Mythic Rarity: 5834 miles achieved with 48 battles (minimum Tier 1 + 2 minor ascension orbs)

Pathfinder @ Legendary Rarity: 5834 miles achieved with 56 battles (minimum Tier 1 + 1 minor ascension orb)

Pathfinder @ Epic Rarity: 5834 miles achieved with ~70 to 75 battles
(Tier 2) looking for data on this to confirm

No Pathfinder: 5834 miles achieved with ~150 battles so not achievable as Tier zero is 62 battles max

This assumes always taking the highest miles battles

If you have the info that I’m missing please dm me (Hawx#6146). This will massively help and ensure I can provide you all with average tier buy ins for future Journeys too.


Is this average (121.5 miles per battle) good enough to use to project the number of battles needed for the 20,000 mile achievement? ~165 battles would be something like 73 base sigils (using 2.25x valraven bonus) — does that sound right? That seems really low to me; shop T6 gives 96 base sigils.

(looking at the current leaderboard, 155-170 seems like the average number of fights needed for folks to reach 20k, so I assume this tracks. Maybe the number I’m using for the raven multiplier is too high…? Or can you really get the achievement with 0xT7 purchased?)

I think Hawx meant the amount of battles needed to score the average amount of points needed per player for a 30 person guild to unlock all 12 stage rewards, not the amount of battles needed to reach 20,000 miles for the achievement.


2 x Tier 7 is what’s needed for 20,000 miles achievement according to others who have done it in past journeys. Total for that is 2350 :gem:


Maybe someone going for the achievement during this journey event could confirm the amount of shop tiers needed.

I did the acheivement during the first journey event. Back then, Hawthorn was the journey troop and if I remember well, the best option to finish fights fast was Wild Queen and hoping for good green and skull matches and loops. However, due to the flawed scoring system and the sometimes very moody Wild Queen, it was almost impossible to score maximum miles in the later stages. But I think, I still finished the achievement with 2 times shop tier 7.

Now, with the corrected scoring and Chalcedony with her almost 100% looping ability in combination with 3 other constructs, it seems, that it could be possible to finish even very late stages with maximum miles amount. So I am wondering, if during this event maybe only one tier 7 could be enough for the achievement.

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It looks possible this time. I have bought a single Tier 7 and used all my sigils today (Friday). My score is currently 18321. I lost one boss battle.

14 more battles at 121.5 points per battle would get me to 20k (20022). 8 sigils this weekend should get at least that many battles. My average points over my Tier 7 battles was a smidge higher.

If I fall short I shall curse myself for levelling Geomancer without Rock Solid contributing to my lost battle and buy another tier.

Update: Achievement completed on Sunday with single Tier 7 purchase.


Thank you for the update. Just confirming your method was highest miles battle always taken and the boss battles

I did take some attack boosts early on with a slightly lower mileage. I wasn’t taking notes, I estimate three times with a difference of ten miles each time, so about 90 miles dropped there. The lost boss battle dropped 219 miles (I was awarded 6). But otherwise, I took the most miles, including all of the boss battles.

I reached 20k after beating the boss battle 160. There was a raven in that battle and I had three sigils in hand afterwards.

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I bought Tier 7 twice but once I got to 20000 miles I still had 24 sigils left, meaning I wasted 500 gems…
EDIT: 164 matches to get there

I always took the highest miles except for few times when the other match gave a stat boost.

Then again I had luck to only lose a Valraven once when one appeared in a boss fight and the AI’s Chalcedony killed my whole team in one turn.

Yes, that means AI casting Chalcedony with three constructs will give Chalcedony infinite mana and extra turns despite player team being unable to do that with four constructs.


I didn’t plan on achievement initially, but one thing led to another…

1x tier 7, all ravens, max base miles for all battles resulted in 162 games for total of 20 640 miles (lost 18 + 12 (pretty sure the second was 78/90 game and not 78/105 game) because of under 40 Geomancer).

With a good looping team this was much easier and cheaper than, for example, faction assault.