Journey requirements?

What score per member and tier buy in is needed to complete all rewards for journey? Thanks!

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you could’ve done this math yourself at rewards tab
rounded up 12167 miles x30

which shop tier?
play and see, or use old/previous data sheets.
tier 2 makes sense as minimum for obvious reasons.
tier 3 can also make sense for obvious reasons.
all above: buy on sunday if still needed.

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I was wondering this too but i don’t have time to work it out myself. Assuming i cant do math…can you answer the question?

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I played 72 games. Gave me a little over 9000 miles
So every fight is roughly 125 on average.
Buying tier 4 gives usualy 92 fights
x125 will give 115.000 miles
So some will have to buy tier 5


Okay so…

Miles needed per member in a full guild:

Pre 7.0 - 5834

Post 7.0 - 12167

Miles needed are more than doubled, but the Pathfinder works same way scoring wise as pre 7.0

Something is not right here.


from official post

Yes BUT DOUBLE as much?

Are you comparing both up to stage 12?

rewards 1-16 - 365,000 / 30 = 12 167
rewards 1-12 - 195,000 / 30 = 6500

It’s still more than pre-7.0’s 5834.

All the while there’s no extra scoring boost or help to the player, no medals; when enemies get tto high levels closer to the end of the week, those few stat points scattered along the Journey path here and there mean very little.


To be fair the journey troop does get double magic and the increase is not that substantial up to stage 12. But 13 - 16 seems a lot to me.

Well first of all there is help compared to pre 7.0. Arborius has double magic.

I also understand the “mild” boost upto 12

What I don’t understand are the 13-16 rewards.
They say " in line"
But reward 13 was never higher then 12 and 14-16 were always lower.
When 13-16 were 40k, 30k X3 I’d understand
And also important: doable with T4

Do these calculations assume the event captain is ascended to Mythic? I believe that requires either T6 or blue orbs (which many players are saving in order to craft Ctharrasque).

That will be a yes. T6 or blue orbs.

Aren’t we meant to be getting x6 score from the journey troop? He’s getting x3 from being Mythic and then that should be doubled according to the journey overview page which says “ Trait gives x2 - x3 Score”
I’m only getting x3 at the moment 9108 points from 72 battles. Lost a few points in two fights because Bladewings 20% chance to kill while active storm triggered in both fights.

EDIT: I guess I’m reading it wrong I presumed it would follow suit from the past 3 events. x2 - x3 doesn’t mean 2x3 it means 2 to 3.

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Definitely doesn’t make sense with the other events all being double score. ToD use the weapon get double score. Invasion use the troop get double score. Raid Boss use the troop get double score.

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there is the heroisim offer on wednesday too, double magic for hero… my guess they are pushing this

Need 4x-6x multuplier from event troop :laughing:

So are we okay with this average tier buy-in requirement? Tier 5 is too much compared to literally any other current world event IMO!

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I think that the captain should not spend the third trait on the multiplier, because in the events of RB and the Invasion on the card of the troops, this coefficient was not indicated anywhere. At the moment, many in our guild are confused, thinking that the x3 multiplier should still double. In addition, we will never again receive a travel event in which this army will be the captain. And there will be no x9 or x12 multiplier from the use of several captains.

Nope. T4 is already stretching it for many, though understandable that more rewards cost more gems. But T5 is a bit much.

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