Journey achievement: how?

This event happens not very often, so I tend to forget the question. Well, it’s the last day of Journey again, and I haven’t nearly enough miles for it too. And it resets on the next journey.

So, obviously, I need to walk 20 000 miles.

In the ideal world I would get 75 miles per encounter and triple it. So it makes 225 miles at once, and requires a mere 89 tokens.

There are only two slight problems with that:

  1. I can purchase up to the 48 tokens. And if 3 tokens granted per day, it will adds up to 79 tokens. With valravens, I barely can get a needed numbers, ok. But…
  2. Actually, most encounters gives me from 20 to 30 miles. And even if it’s averaged to 40, it will end with 167 tokens. In the ideal case of “less than 10 turns flawless victory”, that, I fear, isn’t a case. Especially on the all this 50+ encounters (I fear to imagine what monster level will it be).

So question! How do you, people, makes this achievement?

You can buy unlimited amount of sigils


Buy tiers in shop.

Not everthing is free.

Where? I see unlocks up to tier VII, where it’s 20 tokens. Or do you mean that I can repeatedly buy tier VII?

With these gem creator types of Pathfinders (Chalcedony, Seekra Darkwood, Todd Greenwod) achievement requires a single purchase of T7 (1850 gems in total) - once you get in a looping action it’s very hard not to achieve maximum score for any battle.

For the first two events, you had to buy multiple T7s, since reliable looping was not available and you were certain to score below maximum.

PS. Looking at your question that just appeared as I write - one can purchase T7 unlimited number of times, that’s how people go for leaderboards.


Ah. Thank you, that answers my question.


OP didn’t know that you can buy tier 7 an unlimited amount of times. They never said they’re not willing to spend.

Personally, I think that’s a bit much to expect for a single journey so I will skip on that achievement (at least for now).

This week’s journey was exceptionally boring to me personally. :sweat_smile:

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Unfortunately, they’ve all been boring since this new standard for journey troops rolled out. Looping troops are great early, but by the time you hit 10k miles, you’re losing all of the losable points with the number of turns it takes. At least this journey allowed a guardian troop that buffed the skills of the journey troop with each loop.

Aside from the achievement, there’s no reason to ever go that deep.

The statement about losing points on a looping team is not correct. This was only an issue on the first event when everything was getting counted as a turn. Now it actually counts turns as turns so if you get you loop on turn one and cast it 100 times in a row you will get the full score. The event this time could be quicker than the Chal and Seekra ones as you could increases Todd’s stats with Persistence in your team (1/2/3)