[Reported] Journey Event not calculating miles correctly

Platform, device version and operating system: iOS

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
It is counting moves, not turns. In a 35m battle, I had 4 turns but 12 moves, and scored a 99 (35-2=33 * 3=99). Rules state it’s 10 turns.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time

Steps to make it happen again
Play and use a looping team


Likely they count it the same as Guild Wars, where every action you take is counted as a turn. They’ll probably correct the text.

I agree that’s what they’ll say they meant, but the wording is very misleading.


Look like the code was copy paste directly from GW.

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maybe we’ll find out after all these years that they meant for GW to work based on “turns” instead of “actions” all this time :grimacing:

But I doubt it. Probably either a case of bad communication from devs → community or from requirements → code. As we’ve come to expect.


I just started playing Journey.
It’s definitely “Moves” that counting, not “Turns”.
@Jeto @Kafka Can you pls change it “turns” or at least make it “20 or even more moves

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Same system as gws, makes me wonder about those 1100 point first turn wins

same here.
Also, the article says You cannot lose more than -10 miles for battles won, or -5 miles for battles lost.
I’m pretty sure I’ve just lost 20 miles.

EDIT: I’ve miscalculated, sorry

From the base score? You have to subtract from the base score and then multiply, not subtract from the multiplied total

Oh, now I understand, thank you!

That has always been confusing to me. But consider, a 4 four match gives you an “extra turn”. Goblins say “Gain an Extra Turn”. I’m not sure what the wording on storms is, I can’t find any in game :thinking: I think GoW just has a confusing definition of “turn”.

Yeah as far as I can tell, a move is any time you make a match or cast a spell. But a turn to me is everything that happens before the other team gets to move. That’s why I think the wording is misleading.

plus the fact that the official knowledge base article EXPLICITLY says that your turn, then your opponent’s turn is ONE TURN. So if you do some stuff, and then your opponent does some stuff, that is intended to be 1 turn, no matter how much “stuff” happens by each side.


Exactly. I would imagine it would be a harder fix to change how they consider turns in the event, but they could lower the rewards requirements pretty easily. At the very bare minimum fix the wording.

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fully agree. it is explicitly mentioned, where in GW it is also explicitly mentioned what a “turn” is:
2. How many turns it takes you to win

By “turns” we mean unique actions (so a goblin who casts his spell, then matches 4 gems, then matches some skulls, has performed 3 actions)
You get bonus points for every action less than 30 that you take… So say you get x% bonus per turn - take 20 turns, and you will receive 10*x% as your bonus

SPEED_BONUS = Max(30-MyTurnsTaken,0) * B%

I Would Walk 20,000 Miles

achievement possible or not?
I see leaderboard leader barely reached this score

Based on previous achievements and how easy they were
you added an extra zero at the end

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It’s only Monday :man_shrugging:

I think anyone who maxes out the Journeyperson is going to get pretty close to 20k.

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I am experiencing the same thing. I guess they really do copy the code from Guild War, so extra turn can hurt you sometimes.

Although, I think the formula of your point is actually (35*3) - 6 = 105-6 = 99, and both turn and move seem to added as 16 “actions”, thus 6 more from limited “turn”, so 6 Miles panalty

Edit : Nope, you formula of (35-2)*3 = 99 is exactly right. You got 2 reduction because of the extra turn, and it was a bug as stated by Kafka below.

I was mistaken, sorry the for the misinformation…

Not really. :sweat_smile:

I thought the whole event was bugged because of this impossible achievement.

Right now, it take around 170 battles to get 20K Miles, and that’s 2x Tier 7 or around 2.5K gems. Most player won’t buy that much unless they’re chasing for leaderboard or helping the guild get the final Books.

So, unless it can be combined from different Journey, it won’t be possible for most of us.

I can spend the gems to get it anyway, but Journey is too boring, so I rather not. :rofl:


Doesn’t it take a Tier VI to get a mythic Hawthorn?

So we’re only talking 1k more gems from the player I mentioned, if your calculation is already taking into account valravens (is it?) :man_shrugging:

Except it states in the article that it’s 1 point deduction per over 10, so it should be 2 points. It also says in the article that the bonuses are multiplied after the base points have deductions

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